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Thread: loose oil filter!

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2014-07-18 15:55:06
loose oil filter!
yesterday i took my car for a drive and all was well until i parked it and noticed a puddle of oil on the ground . last time i did an oil change was about 2000 miles ago and i drive it once a week. i immediately checked the oil level and it was full. it started to leak when the car was off. i thought it was leaking from the pan but saw drops coming from the oil filter so i cleaned it with a rag and it was really loose. i have prothane mounts and i've had some nuts and bolts rattle loose here and there but never an oil filter. this was a first for me.
2014-07-18 16:39:59
Wasn't tightened enough last time you changed the oil. Be happy nothing bad happened.
2014-07-18 18:07:05
I've also seen two oil filter rubber orings installed....one was accidentally left on by whomever did the last oil change. Didn't leak either! They too, were extremely lucky!
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2014-07-18 22:18:47
could be worse

2014-07-19 14:27:28
How did THAT happen?!?!
2014-07-19 16:39:39
That's over-tightening.
2014-07-19 17:26:21
Roller Rocker?
2014-07-19 19:38:39
Originally Posted by Kyle
That's over-tightening.

Most likely yes..
...however,I had a VE one break super easy once on me and before the filter was even close to tight .
After removing the mount and looking at it..the thing was very poorly casted(like potmetal).
I also recently had a oil leak that was actually seeping through the casting on another (VE) oil filter mount.
Me thinks there was a QC problem somewhere along the line with these parts
2014-07-20 04:03:49
Luckily, for the VE at least, it's just three 12MM bolts to remove the entire oil filter mounting. I just did it the other day to replace the leaking oil dummy switch
2014-07-20 07:51:52
The casting inside is terrible, snapped at 8k rpm on track.
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