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Thread: Urgent - Swapped internals from B14 into P11 case but drive shaft is not going in

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2014-07-03 03:35:08
Urgent - Swapped internals from B14 into P11 case but drive shaft is not going in
Hey guys,

I swapped out the internals from a 94 SE-R into my 99 P11 case, but the driver side axle is not going in. My mechanic said that the passenger side went in fine, but he struggled with the driver side for about 2 hours and couldn't get it in. Any ideas or tips? He wanted to know if the splines on the shaft of a 94 SE-R are the same as my 99 because he can't come up with another reason of why it's not going in.

He used a huge hammer to try and hammer it in, but nothing. He still says that it's not in properly.

Thank you!!
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2014-07-03 04:25:13
There are two sets of splines the axle needs to pass through. What I do is insert the axle slowly while twisting. It normally pops right in.
2014-07-03 04:36:58
Thank you for the info.!! I don't think my mechanic twisted as he was pushing.

Is the spline count the same on a B13 as a P11? I've checked Autozone and it says that the spline count on a 91 and 94 B13 is 25 which is the same as my P11. Is this correct?

Thanks again!!
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2014-07-03 05:10:36
Splines are the same yes..

He's fighting the ring on the end of the axle.. if he can get it in far enough to get the other end in the hub he can thread the nut on till its flush an use a hammer to get it the rest of the way it..

With the axle in the trans and up it cant really move so hitting its easier an its already compressed..
2014-07-03 15:00:31
I don't think he's getting it in far enough because the third link is still not close enough to where it needs to be in order to bolt it back. This is keeping the axle from being fully compressed and centered.
2014-07-03 15:04:52
Remove the third link is the next option if your mechanic cannot figure out the angles.
2014-07-03 17:57:25
you might want to tell your mechanic to pull the axle back out and make sure that he didn't damage the snap ring or the splines that goes in the end, since you guys we're forcing it in by hammering it in... I've never had to use a hammer to insert any axle in place... also you might damage the axle itself by hammering it in...
2014-07-03 21:18:18
If the transmission is lsd, the diff splines might be out of alignment. There's an outer spline, part of the viscous lsd, and inner spline where the spider gears are. They have to be in alignment inorder for the driver side axle to go all the way in for the snap ring to catch the spider gears. Ran into this situation when I played with the diff shim, tried different thickness shim for a higher locking lsd.

Try this, rotate passenger side axle incrementally, and try shoving driver axle in again. Keep rotating the passenger side axel and shoving in the passenger side axle until it goes in. The point of rotating the passenger axel is to move the spider gear spline so it will line up.
2014-07-04 03:16:12
did you check the shim thickness on the diff cover. the axles should slide right in. if the ring is a issue cold chassis grease will keep it from moving around.
2014-07-04 15:30:22
Ok, I was at work while he did it, but he finally got it in. Car is running again and seems to shift better than before.

Thanks for all of your help!!
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