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Thread: 1999 SE-L crushed and gone bye bye

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2014-06-05 01:14:03
1999 SE-L crushed and gone bye bye
Mods you can close or move thread, car is done/gone/dead/crushed
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2014-06-05 01:24:19
Video the crushing...
2014-06-05 01:36:29
Originally Posted by se200
Video the crushing...

Poor car. I drove it only once. But I'm looking at it now thru the attached garage. It has no idea what is about to happen to it..
2014-06-05 16:15:56
Off to the large parking garage in the sky?
2014-06-05 17:36:06
Just about to go. I'm looking at her right now. I pulled a few of the interior parts but left the seats in and dash, and most of it.... bye bye little car. MODS you can move or close this now
2014-06-05 17:55:27
Oh NOES!!!!!!!!!
2014-06-05 17:56:55
2014-06-05 19:50:32
And she's gone. They just left.

Tow truck about to pull her up:


Leaving the driveway.... bye bye SE-L......... (that's my B15 in the background)
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2014-06-05 20:21:43
Oh the humanity!!!
2014-06-05 23:16:41
Yep now I am left cleaning the garage out of all the rust/dirt/grease/oil etc it left behind in the time it spent there.

I did take off some parts before it left: P/S reservoir, both front interior door trims, core heater, some random plastic panels, the sunroof and switch, taillights, corner lights, turn signal/headlight stalks, glove box etc.
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