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Thread: Why we had so many issues with our 'used' sr20 engine

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2014-06-06 17:52:21
Originally Posted by ebinkerd
Originally Posted by Vadim
Originally Posted by Chris101

Originally Posted by NSMO240
where would that head gaskets come from? or is that just a really old one that maybe had the oil pump resealed a bunch of times and that section of gasket was just tore up?

The previous owner told us he changed the oil pump. What happened is that he changed the oil pump incorrectly (quick and dirty way) by NOT properly removing the head to replace it and the head gasket. Apparently he decided to cut away that portion of the head gasket and use RTV when replacing the front cover/oil pump combo. (and used some incorrect bolts in the process of changing the engine along with front cover/oil pump)

Good to know, I never had to replace (only removed) and oil pump, but that's good to know. I take it there is no way to not destroy the stock head gasket when removing the oil pump? What about metal ones, would that prevent needing to remove the head?

I had to do one on my ve. My oil pump had been taken apart before and I never knew it, got it with the head. I had a vet metal gasket. It can be done with a steady hand. Engine had great oil pressure, and the car ran great when I rear ended my buddy.

sounds like it should have been put in a derby afterwards!
2014-06-06 19:24:41
Originally Posted by NSMO240

sounds like it should have been put in a derby afterwards!

We considered it. My buddy entered his into a car show all wrecked.
2014-06-06 19:34:00
Why we had so many issues with our 'used' sr20 engine
That sucks, i bought the motor in my car off a kid who literally just had it rebuilt, 0 miles with receipt and motor still wrapped up, install it and seeped coolant from the head gasket up front and leaked oil like a pig, after 1000 miles i figured it out, idiots at the machine shop caught the hg with the front cover during assy. Needless to say had to redo the hg with only 1000 miles on it lol
2014-06-06 19:35:04
Why we had so many issues with our 'used' sr20 engine

Stupid headache
2014-06-07 01:40:57
youch That is the worst (brand new engine build with an issue like that!) ..we had a ring break on a fresh built miata engine (had to take it apart to replace the broken ring in that case as well)... total PITA.. I guess it's just human error in engine rebuilds
2014-06-07 02:08:10
Why we had so many issues with our 'used' sr20 engine
Welcome to hot rodding lol
2014-06-19 12:27:41
Well folks, I'm happy to report everything is sorted out now and finally the car is completely reliable and properly put together! It was a long effort but its finally well sorted and all the right bolts and welds, etc. are in place now
2014-06-19 20:05:17
What a hassle.
2014-06-19 22:23:22
Originally Posted by BenFenner
What a hassle.

Yes it was! We thought we were buying a 'ready to race' car and ended up having to go through almost everything before getting to this point. The list is extensive including the following biggies:

- gravel (aka kitty litter from a bad off) everywhere and issues such as gravel stuck in belts (actually imbedded into belts) along with bent water pump pulley (not even kidding)
- 2x4 for a seat back brace on smelly stinky nasty old seat (replaced with Cobra containment EVO seat and new Schroth belts instead of latch n link that was in it at time of purchase)
- unable to go below half a tank without fuel cutout in turns (ended up being the sock wasn't on the fuel pump and clearly was never installed properly)
- unable to pass NASA 'spot check' tech inspection until most of the cage welds were addressed (about 12 spots that were not proper 360 welds essentially)
- new battery to replace undersized mediocre one that said (economy battery) on it
- SFI padding missing or rock hard from age (useless) and had to be replaced
- fire extinguisher that was empty due to slow leak (lot of good that does if there would have been a fire)
- Starter wiring a nasty mess so the car wouldn't even start properly
- emergency cutoff wired incorrectly causing a dangerous back feed when used until corrected (all good now of course)
- had to put car on frame machine to straighten the front from previous damage (which only got worse with our own crashes last october I must admit)

...and the grand-daddy of all is what started this whole thread how we never got good oil pressure from day 1 of ownership of this car (turned out to ultimately be a sealing problem with how the previous owner replaced the oil pump/front cover)

...and lots of other little things here and there (such as horrible front tire wear due to no front sway bar so we found, purchased and installed a front bar again)

But anyway.. its all good now.. Literally took a year to sort it all out! (I guess you get what you pay for in this case.. lol)
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