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Thread: Are these injectors still usable?

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2014-05-22 01:55:34
Are these injectors still usable?
Bought some injectors and long story short usps handled the package like crap, torn and all. They were insured so its fine but are they still usable?

1 tab off of the pintle cap is broken off but other than that its just the top little caps here that broke off.. Could I just super glue them back on or something of that sort?
370cc injectors
Thanks in advanced
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2014-05-22 03:43:53
when i had to replace an injector in my SE-R, i pulled off the metal cover and the pintles weren't even covered, so if they were mine, I would throw them in and run them.
2014-05-24 10:41:29
Build a tester and try them out?
2014-05-24 16:49:48
I would pressure test them in a fuel rail before you put them in a car. Not worth a engine bay fire in my opinion.
2014-05-24 21:05:41
Now that I do the search online I see that a lot of injectors come without them even installed
2014-05-26 03:35:01
They aren't required. Nissan put those there to alter airflow characteristics across the pintle, but I've run plenty of cars without them and they've run just fine. I wouldn't be too concerned.

If you are talking about the rubber pieces, I would try to reuse some old ones. If you are talking about the plastic pieces on the end refer to above.
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