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Thread: Help! 93 VE NX2000 No start! Running out of options here.

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2014-04-18 23:42:14
Help! 93 VE NX2000 No start! Running out of options here.
So I been so anxious to crank over my semi built nx. It's literally been driving me crazy. Before anything let me breakdown everything and everything about the car.

Car had a regular highport de before, running perfect.
I dropped the engine with the harness.
Resprayed the bay, built a ve on the side.
Dropped the ve in.
attached harness.
plugged in my nemu ecu.
no start.
bought new harness, no luck
Checked my fuses and relays, all click fine.
New distributor and coil. Both OEM. No luck.
bought new control module (little white box under the dash) no luck.
I'm am 100% sure I am getting fuel. And also 100% sure that I am not getting spark.

My friends came by and checked the car out. Pulled out the voltage meters, reviewed my engine harness, but even their scratching their heads with this one.

This isn't my first ve swap either. I did one when I was 19 on a b14 and it started it up fine.

Im trying as much stuff as I can before I call it quits and send it to a shop.

If anybody has any ides what it might be please help a brother out.
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2014-04-19 00:14:32
You need to verify spark. easy enough to grab a spare spark plug, stick it in a wire, and put the spark plug against the block. You will know instantly if you have spark. Verify your maf voltage also. Verify your TPS voltage at closed throttle. Verify FIRING ORDER. Verify a good battery. Verify a good ecu.
2014-04-19 00:21:02
Will work on that. Few of those thing have already been done.
1.Verify for spark from cables
2. Battery
3.Verify maf/tps voltage.

Didn't test the ecu but I installed a stock ecu and still no spark.
2014-04-19 18:01:44
Good luck.It sounds like you have tried alot of things,just throwing some random ideas out there

Some things to check
-Power transistor.
-I have forgotten to plug the white multi-pin plug on the ecu harness in once doing a swap...the one sorta behind the radio area ...Doh!
-Also had a car that the rotor fell off inside the dizzy.I bought the car like that and found the problem while troubleshooting.

...Grounds could be an issue too.
2014-04-23 02:49:22
Have you tried using the stock ecu again to see if it starts? Even though you just painted the bay you probably need to grind the paint off the body grounds otherwise the battery negative side won't be common to body ground. Try measuring battery voltage with negative side on one of the strut tower bolts vs engine grounds on intake manifold.
2014-04-23 03:00:52
check physical timing of motor ? injector plugs in correct order ? VE or DE dizzy ? Any codes in system via consult plug ? fuel pump ? switched feed/ return fuel lines ?
2014-04-29 19:43:29
Found spark!. Tried using the b13 stock ecu again and its getting spark now. So now I'm getting fuel & spark but still wont turn over. My friend thinks it's the gas. Car has been sitting with the same old gas for almost two years. Maybe its stale?
2014-04-29 19:45:02
uhh def stale after sitting for two years.
2014-04-29 19:55:55
Probably a quarter of gas in there. going to top it up with freah 93 octane gas and give it another shot.
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2014-04-29 20:36:44
pull the rail an verify the injectors are firing?
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