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Thread: Forum Calendars - For those who wanted to donate!

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2008-09-04 03:46:32
Is your email stormfilterx at yahoo? I've sent 2 emails to you and one to crim. As I said in an email to you (at the above address), I have both of them still in my sent folder. I don't feel that I should have to persue the matter as far as people have. The lack of communication is overwhelming. I'm wondering if it's due to your email address being posted wrong, or if I'm reading it wrong. Please correct me if the latter is the case. I honestly don't need the callendar. I wanted to contribute without feeling as though I'd handed someone money for nothing. I WANTED the callendar. I even still do! The point, however, is that if you say something is going to get done, get it done. Check all available avenues for communication to see if anyone has responded. Check your paypal account to see who has paid you $26 since February. Also, the fact that the callendars weren't ready for use for the entire year is unsatisfactory. I lost my internet service for a few months and that gave me time to forget what was going on. When I got back onto the forum on a regular basis I was reminded of the issue because it's in a sticky thread. Anyway, as much of a pain in the butt that it is, I don't blame you for not handling them this year. It is a big responsibility and there are a great number of people counting on you to deliver. It doesn't matter whos fault it was that this happened, it only matters that you were responsible for the collection and delivery. That's why so many people jumped on you the way that they did. I won't be handling this type of thing for such a large number of people unless I'm given a large sum of money for logistics and payroll. I'm not that brave. Having said that, I did submit (proven by my bank records) a small some of money in exchange for a good that I never received. This gives me the right to AT LEAST state my concern. That is what the previous post was: a statement of concern. If you need me to post the same thing I emailed you up on this thread so that I know you'll see it, I don't mind. If not, then please make sure that the email address above is yours and that you check it regularly. I'm sorry if there was any misunderstanding on my part. Also, congratulations on the success of your new company.
2008-09-04 16:56:45
"I lost my internet service for a few months.... When I got back onto the forum on a regular basis I was reminded of the issue..."

I know that feeling...

I checked for your email yesterday and it was sitting in the "Bulk email" and you did include the info. As for checking that address, I looked an no one else has emailed so after this I will consider all calendar issues to be closed.

Can you locate and send me the original paypal email or receipt?
If not, just email me the amount and what paypal email to send it to so I can get it to you quickly. sorry about any misunderstandings on my end.

Thanks, I'm so busy I have haven't even had time to log into the forum in a while or even touch my Nx.
2008-09-09 04:46:56
damn shame. Those cars (NXen) are so much fun. I'd love to have one as a toy AND one for a daily driver. I'm not quite there yet. I'll email that paypal receipt tonight. Thanks for getting back. And, sorry if I sounded angry. I just wanted to get things resolved.
2008-09-15 17:24:42

Sorry for the delay, internet and power are a bit of a challenge at the moment but i will get it done today (I'm located in Houston and just opened up my place for some friends that lost roofs since I have power)

I can understand your point of view completely, i just had to request the receipt in case i start getting "requests" for refunds from persons that didn't donate/pay for one in the first place. I know this forum isn't like that but I had to something in place.

I'm hoping I can drag the Nx out sometime this week...
2008-09-20 12:32:50
Have you gotten around to that yet? I'll send you a PM and an email as well.
2008-09-20 13:51:14
So just outta curiosity is there gonna be a calender for 09?
2008-09-20 16:28:30
Originally Posted by Racerx04
So just outta curiosity is there gonna be a calender for 09?

Yes...I'm working on the specifics as we speak, and Crim will be asking for submissions soon.

Stay tuned.....
2008-10-06 00:32:56
Wow, I just had the weirdest thing happen. I just got home this evening (Sunday) and there was an envelope sitting outside for me. It had a fedex sticker on the front, but it was so faded, you could barely read it. There was also a plain sticker that just had the sender address and receiving address hand written on it, but no carrier name. I opened it up, and inside was a 2nd envelope with an address on it. Inside of that one, was a DHL bag. Inside of the DHL bag was my sr20-forum calendar. Crazy! Very cool that I got it
2009-11-21 16:17:25
holy crap, brought this thread back from the dead (?) Not sure what you're talking about, but I'm closing this thread.
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