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Thread: 500 dollar muffler... ouch!

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2014-04-03 02:07:32
500 dollar muffler... ouch!
I was just looking around at more quiet options for mufflers and came across this...500 bucks is a little steep
Varex Remote Controlled Sport Muffler Oval w Single 3" Outlet | eBay
Its a great idea,except it just looks like a power window motor welded to a muffler.

Who wants to be the first to throw 500 bucks at this to try it
This is the original maker of the muffler...not an ebay company....if that matters
heres some info off another sellers site...
Please discuss
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2014-04-03 02:23:59
I saw that when I was looking for a way to make a quiet exhaust. You could always put an electric cutout after your muffler.
2014-04-03 02:29:43
these things are popular in aus, mainly with guys not wanting to attract police attention. to give you an idea,although the new 1.6turbo sss pulsar is not loud to start with.

2014-04-03 02:31:07
2014-04-03 02:43:06
RB26 Skyline truck? WTF? Thats badass!
2014-04-04 13:47:20
I have it and it's awesome. Wouldn't trade it for nothing. A cop stops you... You silence the muffler and blame some other car while you rev yours showing how quiet it is.
2014-04-04 13:59:20
i could use one of these. I have 3" straight through exhuast with no cat, I just try to keep the rpms low through the neighborhood. Car rumbles loud at idle.
2014-04-04 16:27:39
This type of muffler also comes with a vacuum driven gate, not sure who makes it. They work just like a wastegate and open under boost. When just driving around it stays closed and then opens when you throttle it. Cool parts but I would not pay 599$ for it when I could make one with an old internal wastegate and throttle body.
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2014-04-04 16:42:21
I don't care what it does, for $500 the outlet better terminate with lady parts.
2014-04-04 16:46:37
Jay have you had the Apexi World sport 2? I had one on my maxima and it was the best sounding and very quiet. I had version 1 and 2 on the maxima. I know they don't make one for the NX for direct fit but there is a universal version that I have seen put on our cars. Maybe someone that had one can chime in. I want to get one soon, its in the 300$ range on there website.
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