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Thread: bad injector?

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2014-03-09 01:30:45
Originally Posted by ebinkerd
Do you have a stock exhaust system? Cat, O2's....

To me it sounds more like your cat is starting to clog and confusing your O2. My 00 G20 has a misfire code aswell, but nothing near what yours is doing.

ya mine sounds like it's going to die going from stop to go, then at about 1200-1500 rpms its better, like it doesn't sputter near as bad, but you can still feel dead spots or going from a stop to go up a hill it doesn't accelerate well (automatic gearing doesn't help either, but it's like it misses here and there just enough to not gain momentum well). exhaust is stock other than it's been fixed where the muffler was falling off. there's jusat no pattern, you can feel it almost like popcorn just here and there but completely random. it never has just 3 cylinders running all the time for any extended period of time
2014-03-24 23:25:31
changed the injector and though not as bad, she's still doing it though this time i noted it's more from 1500-1900 rpms. im going to try the next thing which was suggested by lynchfourtwenty and look into replacing the distributor. and for the record, removing a low port intake manifold is a pain in the ass, always note that all your hoses are reconnected, don't ask me how i know, but taking the intake manifold off is a lot easier the 2nd time around

also, is there anywhere to get a distributor for decent $$$? or does anyone have a spare good one lying around? i'm going to assume this is my issue for now as i can't really think of anything else other than ecu?
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2014-03-31 14:58:15
I know when my #1 went out, I sounded like I had a boxer engine from a subaru in it. I removed the plug an tested the resistance and got something like 3ohms, it is supposed to read 11-13 I believe.
2014-04-02 15:39:59
i think i found the last piece of the puzzle, i was hearing a noise so i figured id take the oil filler cap off to hear inside the valve cover and when i did, i almost choked on the gas fumes, on friend said headgasket another said cracked head and the third said piston ring... idk but the car wasn't just started it had been running for quite a while, still is probably a misfire and burning rich and a little fuel getting past the rings, but for the price of a new distributor, it's a third of an sr20ve. im thinkin it might be about time for an engine swap, auto tranny is shifting harder and rougher too... sr20ve and manual tranny time?
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2014-06-19 23:34:12
Decided im gonna get back in the vw world, so sr20ve and manual swap might be in the works one day, but a tdi or tdi swapped car sounds more fun... however i still want it running right so in gonna check the tps, clean the iacv and probably change my fpr... short of those with the running rich and gas smell on start up it might be a piston ring and ill get a compression check... all in all it says cylinder 1 misfire but you never feel the misfires so im gonna try some other things

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2014-06-20 02:14:56
Ouch. Exhaust/burning smell from the valve cover?
2014-06-20 02:33:10
Not that i know of just gas with oil cap off and gas smell even inside the car some when starting up

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2014-06-20 09:29:45
Re: bad injector?
Injector O-rings. You probably have at least one leaking, if not more. Replace both upper and lower O-rings for all injectors and that should take care of the fuel smell under the valve cover as well as your overrich issues. Test each injector to make sure they are within specs. Not ignition related IMO.

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2014-06-20 12:36:31
Well i know the misfire wasnt injector related where i replaced cylinder 1 injector but the only time it ran right was when i cleaned the tb and intake up to tb which leads me to believe iacv... tps is probably a little off but where i just put it back on after changing the injector so thats probably my fault but not really hurting anything ill find out over the weekend but with 2 days of no sputtering after i cleaned the tb i think my issue is near there

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2014-06-20 12:37:43
Re: bad injector?
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