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Thread: I hate our clutch cables - going hydraulic

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2014-03-11 21:08:21
Because its a great clutch, its cheap, it takes a beating, and its unsprung which is one less liability.

It also doesn't feel like a heavy clutch, the pedal effort is practically stock.

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2014-03-11 21:37:11
Bingo randy hit the nail on the head right there

Good thing i have two fx500 setups just in case seems the price will be going up
2014-03-11 22:40:50
My brother is selling a brand new fx500 clutch kit still wrapped if interested
2014-03-11 23:57:43
Originally Posted by Andrew(nj)
I have act extreme plate with 6 puck unsprung and a miko cable bracket ..I haven't had a problem with my cable. And it does sound like you broke a spring. Not double clutching like you should. Lol

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Same recipe here. The trick is to use UNSPRUNG disc as these things with more hps on have a tendency to get break the springs out it happened to me, learned the hard way and since then cero problems.
2014-03-12 00:19:09
Originally Posted by b13
My brother is selling a brand new fx500 clutch kit still wrapped if interested

Yeah how much does he want? I still haven't heard from the company I ordered.

Ordered it Sunday night at like 1am, knowing that they'd get it when they came into work Monday morning. It's now Tuesday night at 8:22PM and it still says:

Status: In Process
Shipping: UPS Ground

- and again, I was charged immediately..

@Kyle I'm getting this because of the great reviews and it leaves the possibility open for more power down the line without having to think back "oh I don't know if this clutch can handle that" etc.
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2014-03-12 02:00:53
What? I do not understand the response since I support an FX500 clutch. Like I don't know how bad-ass the FX500 is.....
2014-03-12 03:05:03
Oh, I/we thought you were saying that 206whp wasn't enough power to warrant the use of that clutch. Sorry if it was misunderstood. sure my car is on the lower side but it doesn't feel that way with interior out. I know that anyone can do that, but I was getting around 36MPG too highway (but OMG so loud. thought it was loud before. I wonder how much weight some dynomat would add (remember that stuff? real popular late 90s)
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2014-03-12 03:17:21
No. We? lol

FX500 for the win. Joe has a good bit of dynomat experience, maybe he will chime in @happynole
2014-03-15 03:42:57
Ok you lost me on that one.... anyways, my CM clutch is still "pending" - Kspecracing.com is the site. Another w/ poor cust. service. Charged my card Sunday night (last week) and it's Friday, still no tracking #
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2014-03-15 10:07:34
Dont add any dynamat, worst thing you will ever do if you decide to remove it later on.

I removed almost 70kg's of the stuff from the last car I bought!!! that alone transformed it. Worst job Ive ever had to do in 10 years of owning cars.
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