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Thread: I hate our clutch cables - going hydraulic

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2014-03-03 17:51:47
Fx500 and never look back... im running them on both of my ve's and they rock. Stock pedal effort, crazy grip and they dont snap cables like the damned act's

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2014-03-03 18:03:18
fx500 all day.
2014-03-03 18:22:59
Manual to automatic swap.
2014-03-03 18:46:53
Fx500 6 puck unsprung, they are 260 shipped.

And 240 shipped for us six speed guys
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2014-03-03 20:36:17
Cool what site(s) for that price
2014-03-03 23:27:06
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Cool what site(s) for that price

+1 I need one too
2014-03-04 01:25:55
Originally Posted by SR20?
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Cool what site(s) for that price

+1 I need one too

Yeah, I didn't find it for that price. Link please anyone?
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2014-03-04 01:42:47
Originally Posted by 92SentraSE-R
Do you regularly lube your cable?]
Originally Posted by tomas527
Sounds like you popped a spring. All that racing.

When my spring popped out on my clutch same thing that storm is describing...

Which part of the cable do you lube? I generally am always spraying the adjustment wheel with some kind of lubricant, but I don't go up the cable with anything itself (the wire portion)
2014-03-04 01:54:25
I went on clutchmasters.com and found this:

###-##-HDB4 (Four Puck Disc)
###-##-HDB6 (Six Puck Disc)
###-##-HDBL (Eight Puck Disc)

I assumed you guys were all referring to the 4 puck but then I saw Re-spect say 6 puck. Which is the good one, I mean, they are both good, but for a low 13 second NA VE (with any significant power increases in the future probably unlikely. Meaning, no I don't think I'll ever go turbo with this, it's fast enough for me)
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2014-03-04 02:24:36
Originally Posted by TRACKFORGED
Either Clutchmaster FX400 or FX500. I did manage to break a FX500, but I won't hold that against them. Could have been just a freak thing to happen.

i also have ripped it to pieces but i abused the crap out of it and for the price dont even care
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