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Thread: Add me to the: Car Stolen List!!!

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2014-03-10 22:24:23
Originally Posted by ebinkerd
The b14's are super easy to break into. My old gxe had an electrical issue that locked me out once and i used the antenae to unlock the door. Simply put, unlock the door, release the park brake, pull it onto a rollback. Fucking shitty really man.

probably just cut the e-brake from underneath
2014-03-10 22:29:26
Keep this thread current. A 'semi-smart' thief is probably sitting on this (stashed it in a garage somewhere because it's so hot) and is 'waiting' to take it out to play or start selling stuff from it but eventually it will surface I'm sure and with any luck, the thief (or multiple folks involved) will get caught right when they thought it was 'safe' to move forward on whatever their plan was!
2014-03-11 00:14:04
Originally Posted by Keo
Originally Posted by eggman
or get a POS nobody wants.

isnt that why drive nissans?

Have you ever heard of this little movie franchise called "The Fast and The Furious"?

Coupled with the "dorifito is cool" anti-grip driving craze and everyone knows what an SR20 and an SE-R is because of it.

What's more sad is they do not know the SE-R for being one of the most fun car you could buy and drive off the car lot.
2014-03-11 05:18:31
I was at work a few months back and this guy came inwith a 60s mustang on a flat bed and we asked him what was up with it, he Told us it was stolen from him a few weeks back and someone found it in south Carolina. Keep in mind i live in Florida, so these punks are probably from out of state and I definitely think it's someone from here or a lurker that visits as a guest.
2014-03-17 00:04:42
Bump to the top. Anyone with any info please LMK ASAP
2014-03-20 06:09:40
Damn wayne, barely saw this now. Barely go on the forums now for this exact reason. I know exactly how you feel when it comes to getting your car stolen. I'll keep my eyes peeled out here in Socal, but I hope the best for you and your car. Keep your head up man.
2014-03-24 23:34:57
Well its a total loss. Going on a month now.
2014-04-25 23:12:31
Just to update you all.

My car was recovered on Wednesday and all that was taking was the electronics. Headunit, amps,sub,scan gauge and iPod.

Waiting to hear back from Geico on the repairs. But, yea...I'm very lucky to say the least.
2014-04-25 23:14:50
Holy crap! I am both happy and sad that that is all that is taken (happy because you got the car back, sad because they still took you for both an emotional joyride and stole your stuff!!))

Any leads on who it may be?? What were the details and location of the recovery, etc??
2014-04-25 23:17:31
No leads yet. Oddly enough it was found only a few miles away. Which is pretty strange that I didn't find it. I was driving around for a week looking and never saw it.
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