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Thread: Tired of puzzling this idle!!! help!!

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2007-12-15 20:50:58
Tired of puzzling this idle!!! help!!
So last night I made a post about having a broken IACV.. well it turns out it's not broken how I thought it was..

Does anyone know if an IACV can just die? I replaced the spring today with a bunch of different spring rates, and none made ANY difference in the idle, still jumps from 1000 to 2000 RPM back and forth and is the most annoying thing in the world.

It runs perfectly fine aside from idle.

I then proceeded to remove the IACV and block the vacuum with my hand, and the idle remained the same! Normally I would say that this must just point to a bad IACV entirely (not the spring), but even unplugging it does not change the idle in any way, nor does my idle screw adjust the idle in any way. I can unplug both sensors from the thing and it has no affect on the idle.

I've already been through the idle trouble shooting in FSM, and have checked all the vacuum lines probably 15 times. I have also cleaned the IACV very well inside.

Anyone have any ideas?? I am planning to get a new IACV from the junkyard but I won't be able to for over a week. I can't seem to find any specific IACV diagrams in the FSM, so I really don't know exactly what goes on inside it. Is it possible that it could be broken somehow?

In addition, my ECU gives me the good old code 55 so no help there

Edit: Also I just replaced the coolant temp sensor for the ECU
2007-12-15 22:05:33
Give me a call at 305-282-3643 and I will tell you what to do.
2007-12-15 22:10:10
Don't buy the new IACV, even used they cost a bundle. My idle problems were a combo of a bad ground, a few hoses that needed replacement, and leaking in the EGR system. My plugs were also fouled and had a huge gap from excessive wear, replaced with new NGK-R's. Idle is rock solid now, no more surging. Seems to be a combo of things, usually.
2007-12-16 21:12:38
Originally Posted by Andreas
Give me a call at 305-282-3643 and I will tell you what to do.

Andreas, I may take you up on that sometime when I get more time to work on the thing.

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