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Thread: Small issue with M/T slicks

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2013-11-03 07:30:03
My sig pic I had 20x6x14 MT slicks on my se-r when I did the 13.5 @ 99mph.
2013-11-04 01:28:21
Think I'm pretty satisfied with the answers I received in this thread, Thank you everyone for the input that helped out. If anyone else has anything to add it's always welcome , I'm always learning.
2013-11-04 12:57:04
I have m/t 24in slicks on b14 wheels and they are very unstable without tubes. I put tubes in mine and they look and feel better. I did not notice any traction difference at all with the tubes but I'm not a professional driver.
2013-11-09 20:45:24
I just picked up a set of M/H racemasters 23x8.5x15, do i need to run tubes? whats the purpose of tubes?
2013-11-10 00:32:50
just to prevent a flat if the slick itself desides to spin on the rim. I think if you get them to seal good with some tire glue and use some wheel screws to keep the slick in place you can get away without using tubes, if you have issues with the slick leaking air or other issues then put tubes in it and you wont have to worry about them losing air. I think it may just be the way they design the beads of the tire. Not 100% but thats my guess is they dont trust the slick to seal very good at low psi's and to use tubes to keep air in the slick.
2013-11-10 05:02:18
Ah i see. Thanks for the info OP and Ashton, will be hitting the track with these next season and a new tune hopefully. Ive only ran street tires prior so it will be nice to see what the hype is all about
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