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Thread: O2 sensor keeps dying

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2013-10-29 02:23:52
O2 sensor keeps dying
it's been happening for a while now, every one or two months my sensor dies, this is my 4th sensor this year. Any clue as of why can this be happening?? I'm running Nismotronic RT if that really matters at all.
2013-10-29 03:40:14
WB or NB sensor? where is it mounted?
2013-10-29 03:55:13
O2 sensor keeps dying
NB, it's mounted on the down pipe just before my test pipe (cat replacement). I also have a WB which works just fine .
2013-10-29 04:11:57
Weird, it should work there. What brand of sensors are you buying?
2013-10-29 04:44:07
O2 sensor keeps dying
2013-10-29 06:04:20
I've heard more bad about Denso than others... Why not try for a bosch?
2013-10-29 21:36:11
Want to save money and better idle? Get rid of the narrow band 02.

Been running without one for 6 years. The stock 02 is too inaccurate. You already have all the tools needed to get rid of the o2; nismotronic and a wide band. Set the fuel map to open loop, no feedback and tune away.
2013-10-29 22:57:42
Either use the WB in closed loop or disabled it. I have had better luck with out running it once the tune is good.
2013-10-30 00:53:37
I agree, but I'm not getting how to go open or closed loop, just by setting the number bellow 180 or so??

Can you explain in more detail how to set my nismotronic to just use my wideband?

2013-10-30 01:12:07
What makes you think they are dying? Have you pulled any DTC codes from the ECU? Where is the sensor situated in the pipe. Bottom, 1/4, 1/2 way point, 3/4 or top? The best spot for a sensor that runs in a pipe parallel to the ground is 3/4 point or top of the pipe. This helps to keep the sensor dry from condesation when the engine is off and helps to avoid premature failure. A minimum would be on the side (half way point of the pipe). Are you using any fuel additives? Is the sensor circuit open or shorted (harness issue)?

Have you monitored the new sensors for proper voltage fluctuation with the Nismotronic software? Have you datalogged the o2 sensor?
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