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Thread: Mike K thinking about Selling Dog 1

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2013-10-23 13:25:00
Mike K thinking about Selling Dog 1
Facebook link

Someone on here should buy it
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2013-10-23 14:26:58
Told ya

He was talking about this two years ago but it is so reliable and no one will pay the price for a reliable, dedicated, ultra-cool race car.

EDIT: "People that are into these cars being cheap is one of the MAIN reason why I am leaving......"

I feel that is a sad reason to own a car (or leave a car) when cars are your "thing". But my opinion is as valuable as the manure in fields where my vegetables grow.

If you want something that retains money, buy Colt firearms or buy rare and expensive cars.
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2013-10-23 14:42:09
........Kyle you should buy this! It has all sorts of stance nation going on and it's right up your ally
2013-10-23 14:57:30
If I had 15 grand at my disposal I would have a rather large, shit-eating grin, driving a Factory Five 818.
2013-10-23 15:04:24
We're not cheap, we're frugal

Cars/parts depreciate. Welcome to 'how money works 101'.

2013-10-23 15:04:49
LOL! I like your taste @Kyle

Wanna go halfsies with me?? @Keo says he would supply us the workstation to build it
2013-10-23 22:22:30
If you add up all the costs associated with modifying these simple early 90s Nissans we'd all realize how much money we're really throwing at this hobby
2013-10-23 22:48:50
There hasnt been any forum yet Ive been on, that there wasnt posts about that community being cheap asses.
2013-10-23 23:21:47
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
There hasnt been any forum yet Ive been on, that there wasnt posts about that community being cheap asses.

............Looks like a few members got rubbed by the "facebook comments." But several observations:

1) I think there is absolute truth in it
2) It's not just about being "cheap asses" either. Kojima's point is a bit further reaching than just the community being "cheap"
2013-10-24 00:25:37
I've probably spent more than $10k on my car(That's just in mods/parts as I do all my own work and doesn't include the actual original price of the car I paid)..no joke, but I'd probably not get more than $6k. probably $5k-$5.5k. So that's a loss of about $5-6k. Probably why I figure it's better to just keep it lol

There's a 'what you should get' and a 'what you will get' price. I think a lot of people sell these cars with the 'what you should get' price instead of the 'will get' price.

What I should have done is buy a lot more parts used. That would have made the selling difference a lot better.

Last edited by gomba on 2013-10-24 at 00-30-52.
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