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Thread: Overheating.....

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2013-10-04 21:08:20
Check Engine Codes: P0325 P0440 P01448
Miles: 170k
98 se Sr20de

The check engine came on a couple days ago for the first time a day after I replaced my fuel filter not sure if its coincidence or thats what lead to my P0440/P01448 but just yesterday I replaced the fuel cap to see if that's the cause and reset the ecu. Light came back on, same codes, parked the car and left it alone for a few hours.
Anyhow, I come out, turn the car on and let idle as I was installing my lip then all of a sudden it just overheat and coolant overflow from the reservoir. Now it constantly overheats at startup/idle. Fan works, water pump seems to be working......Any ideas?
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2013-10-05 15:51:35
Um.. stop the coolant from leaking?

Sorry not trying to be a smart-ass
2013-10-05 16:32:03
yeah,man the first step is to find out where the coolant is leaking from.
All the water pump does is spin,so it could still"work" but need to be replaced if it is leaking.Usually the bearing will make noise before it fails,but not always.
2013-10-05 16:41:17
Poor/wrong word choice on my part in the original post, coolant did not leak from a hose per se. It over flowed from the reservoir due to it overheating. ill be inspecting it further today.
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2013-10-05 16:46:22
Is it leaking from the front of the front (radiator side) or more at the back by the firewall? Gotta get up in there...a common PITA hose that can leak is behind the motor. I think the only lines around the fuel filter that coolant goes thru would be the two lines that go thru the throttle body...

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2013-10-05 17:01:12
Bad thermostat?
2013-10-05 17:10:32
Warm the car up n see if both hoses get hot.if the one by the tstat is cold tstat is bad take it out until you get a new one
2013-10-05 19:25:23
Thanks for the response guys. Shes up and running now, removed the thermostat and no more overheating.
2013-10-14 06:09:12
But you got a new one? (Tstat)
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