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Thread: Whining I'm Baffled

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2013-09-20 15:48:22
Originally Posted by blusteelsr20
Aside from the unknown whine, how do you like the SR16 tranny? Getting ready to swap mine in.

I like it. I took it on the freeway for the first time yesterday and I was cruising at between 75-80 @ 3800 rpms. Gas mileage is worse too, but I don't drive it for the mileage.
2013-09-20 15:49:38
Originally Posted by 5speed
If you have the original tensioner from the motor, then it's not upgraded. It would be 16 years old tensioner.

I ordered a new tensioner from Gspec...I'm such a sucker. I know it's not the tensioner, we'll see.
2013-09-22 19:47:07
I did a little work on the car this morning and took it for a test drive, the ever present whine was there of course, but, at a light I really revved it in neutral and guess what, the whine was there. This eliminated a drivetrain problem in my mind and switched to a powertrain noise. I had been running 5w30 synthetic in the sr20ve since I got it. I had recently changed the oil but thought I would try a heavier weight. I got some Valvoline 10w40 drained the old oil and refilled. I took it for a test drive and everything was much quieter. The whine was only there with the passenger side window rolled down and you could only hear it if you really listened. I suspect it will disappear the more I drive it. So the only thing I really needed was a heavier oil, I didn't need a new alternator, transmission, clutch, throwout bearing, flywheel, and pressure plate, LOL!
2013-09-22 19:50:56
I hate to say it,but whatever your whining problem is,will not be fixed by a thicker oil.
Maybe a bandaid fix...but I have run 5w30 in all my Nissans for 20+ years with no problems.
Just my .02...take it for what it is.
2013-09-22 19:54:03
The whine seemed to get worse as the old oil heated up which made me think it was too thin, wouldn't this affect the timing chain tensioner?
2014-01-13 12:30:23
Any update on this issue? I'm looking at your "For Sale" listing and wondering what the current status is.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

Bill Conner
2014-01-13 13:48:30
oil was too light. after changing it to the heavier oil whine was deleted.
2014-01-13 14:32:24
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