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Thread: P0420 code. SR20DE 01 Sentra

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2013-08-20 19:11:02
P0420 code. SR20DE 01 Sentra
well i was searching different forums and read that the code was common but all the threads i read were 1.8s or QR engines . common fix was a O2 spacer fix. you've seen me posting threads about me needing a new manifold but was wondering maybe doing this trick will fix things , also all of a sudden my CEL light turned off by itself , didn't actually notice when it had done so. i told my mechanic to just leave it on and not to reset it btw ... if i go get the car smogged will it pass? when he ran a test the OBD meter said it would .

need a little more info on the spacer fix , says i need to gut the manifold? if i do that i wont be able to return it for core if i acutally do need a new manifold. want to hear some opinions . just get a new manifold ? or try this trick? not sure when was the last time the mani. was replaced , the engine is rebuilt btw.
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2013-08-26 17:04:41
so decided to get a new manifold . want to get a new o2 sensor was thinking this ?

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2013-08-26 19:10:46
You should be fine with that sensor. Although, if it were me, I would get the Bosch one, which is next on the list for upstream o2 sensors. It is only 2 bucks more. I have always had good luck with Bosch sensors. Just my preference is all.

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2013-08-26 21:03:26
Just to add to this. If you are not getting a code for the front o2/upstream sensor, you should probably just leave the OEM one in there. While it is out of the manifold, you could always clean it if necessary.
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