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Thread: Car has been doing some weird things lately.

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2013-07-30 03:28:22
Car has been doing some weird things lately.
alright guys have a b13 ser engine is stock. was driving home today and when i was going to stop at a light the car kept stalling then coming back. all the lights on the dash would come on then shut off. it did this for the next to lights i stopped at. the next light i stopped at i kept my foot on the clutch and put the car in neutral the rpms dropped below 500 but didn't stall. I wasn't sure if it was the battery/alternator is going? or possibly its time to change the IACV? I'm going to change the battery tomorrow to see if that helps. If anyone has any other ideas of what it might be help would be appreciated.
2013-07-30 04:01:12
Perform a battery test or go to and Interstate Battery dealer and have them do an ED-18 test.

What % is the IACV going to when it is about to stall ?
2013-07-30 10:42:02
try to adjust your screw out so your idle is higher.. see if it still does it but it kind of seems more like a power loss so go to the parts store and have them test the alt / batt
2013-07-30 18:32:55
Sounds like vacuum leak maybe
2013-08-01 19:07:42
Well guys i got the battery tested it is good. the problem was the negative terminal. the connection wasn't solid so it was arcing between the terminal and the negative post and causing the power loss. Thanks for the help guys
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