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Thread: Those of you who garage your SR20 and have other vehicles

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2013-07-17 13:48:50
If your g/f thinks your nuts have her do the repairs and washing and waxing that should solve it lol just replaced my thermostat in my 98 chevy venture and every time I have to fix some thing in that soccer mom vehicle I have to move every thing out my way just to get to the part I need to replace ... anyone want a van lmao
2013-07-17 19:49:57
Originally Posted by 1_n_only_renee
If your g/f thinks your nuts have her do the repairs and washing and waxing that should solve it lol

Hahha, oh trust me, she would LOVE if I suggest that (Love as in, throw things at me probably)

here's another photo

2013-10-05 22:29:48
We have four cars too at my house, you can see what takes priority here, lol

other 2 are a 99 civic and a 2012 Honda pilot.

2013-10-10 04:32:08
Both B13s are in the garage, the 94 gets driven maybe once every month or two. After 145K she hasn't moved much in the last 8-9 years since I picked up the 91 in '03. Daily drove the 91 until 2+ years ago when I picked up the '87 Hardbody pickup. 91 is now a track/street car and gets driven during track season & occasionally on the street. Drive the truck daily and she stays parked in the driveway. My babies stay in the garage period. Too much work, elbow grease, money & time invested in the Sentras to park even one outside and have it vandalized or stolen and going postal on someone. I stay low and undercover for a reason on the SR scene here in Phoenix. One dude had his VE'd B14 stolen in front of his house when it was in the driveway but he would go to the local import car meets a lot and unknowingly became a target for thieves. B13 SE-Rs are few and far between down here and even more rare in good condition. Pick & pull junkyards that have B13s usually will be stripped to near nothing within a week or two. There's a certain group of enthusiasts that look for our cars, sometimes for the wrong reasons. Nowdays I wish I had more garage space for the truck & an RV gate for a trailer. Oh well...
2013-10-12 16:33:41
my car has been sitting for a year plus in the corner of my shop.. and who knows when she will actually see the light of day again
2013-10-14 06:38:13
Originally Posted by eggman

I agree...except,now you gotta worry about ethanol too....so make sure you get the newer stabil...I use M2000 marine stabilizer for boats.
Regular stabil wont help the ethanol drying effect,only keeps the gas from going stale and turning to water.

I don't know about in the US, but Shell Gold premium has NO ethanol. That's what goes in my NX.
2013-11-09 00:32:36
Ha , the last 5 years my B14 has only seen the light of day 1 day a year for a track day !! At least I daily my P11 so I still give some SR love !!
2013-11-09 00:57:53
I drive the NX as often as I can in the 'nice' months. Snow is coming so it's now off of the road. That being said, it doesn't get nearly as many miles as it used to. My wife finds the ride to be uncomfortable - 650 lb springs and Kirkey racing seats tend to magnify road bumps.
2013-11-09 02:01:28
The 2009 convention was the last time my SE-R had some fun. Unfortunately my 66K original miles SE-R suffered rod knock.
Life is just too damn busy to fix it so it sits in the garage under a cover. Good news is the car has been clean and waxed for almost 4 years now.
Hibernation pic:
Last bit of movement was to the side of the garage on these:
Last edited by CleanSER on 2013-11-10 at 06-32-19.
2013-11-09 02:41:50
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