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Thread: Non LSD Axle

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2013-07-08 09:48:49
Non LSD Axle
Good day,

My car is B13 with SR Non LSD M/T.

I bought from rockauto
Manufactured by USA INDUSTRIES
With part # AX93459 (not the one in the picture)
Axle came to me, splines are correct but the axle shaft is too long that I can not bolt the hub into the shocks. Hard to explain but I am sure that it is too long. This axle assy that i am talking is 25" in size.

I would like to verify from you guys if the measurement in the picture below is correct so i can fit it properly to my car.

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2013-07-08 10:38:29
I think thats the left half shaft for the auto trans.

Look under 92 2.0l, it has it listed as such. I have no idea if a auto trans one fits a manual trans or not. My guess is not.
2013-07-08 12:40:47
Look what Rockauto responded to me:


4WD doesn't refer to the transmission, it refers to four wheel drive, as in a vehicle that receives power to all four wheels. This is also often used interchangeably with AWD or all wheel drive. If you had a FWD or RWD vehicle (front and rear wheel drive respectively), then you would not have a 4WD vehicle.

What type of transmission you have will not affect whether your vehicle is a 4WD vehicle or not. Although telling us that you have a standard transmission may be helpful, it doesn't answer Jesi's question, nor the other questions that she asked. Please provide responses to all of Jesi's questions so that we can help you out.

Thank you,
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