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Thread: DEFINE: Rare Part

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2013-07-06 00:43:31
The feedback here is more than I ever anticipated. The more pictures the better. Many have asked me to put a list together and I truly hesitate to do so as "RARE" varies by person and where they live. Parts that are rare to us in the states can be extremely common in Japan, Australia or the PI.

I do agree that CUSTOM is different than RARE - however - I think that CUSTOM can become RARE when the person that made the CUSTOM piece has passed on or is no longer producing said part.

I do think that RARE would apply to:

OE parts that are discontinued
Quality Performance Parts that are discontinued
Parts that had extremely low production numbers (say 20 or less ie. Supercowboy front lip)

SUPER RARE would apply to:
the above mentioned items that are still NIB (New in Box) or parts that had 5 or less made.

Let's keep this thread going and maybe someone will convince me to put a list together...
2013-07-06 19:39:51
Can vouch for 1 of 2 sets of real CF B13 GTS sideskirts ever made. The others set belongs to Mr 4DoorSR20DET. The Group Buy is still posted for now but Roger Raymond is working on getting the molds remade from his contact. These sideskirts survived a season of road racing with NASA AZ and still look awesome. They match up with the Seibon CF hood & trunk nicely with KH3 black paint. I guess the CF GTS sideskirts qualify as super rare for now until Roger can get more made but it's not looking too good as his contact is not been too reliable lately....
2013-07-06 20:13:56
Moar pics of personal rare parts (imho)
P10 Nismo Grille:

P10 Nismo Grille:

Nissan Primera P10 2.0 Stickers:

P10 Euro eGT Tailights:

P10 LoCo Performance 90a Polyu sub-frame (k-member) inserts:

OEM B13 Front Mud-Guards: (even the box is labeled B-13!)

Rare race car stickers from way before our time:

Nissan Mechanic:

B-13 SE-R Bronze OEM Emblems:


That is all from what I seem to have, if I find more, I will post here?
2013-07-06 20:43:46
Originally Posted by Kyle

P10 Euro eGT Tailights:

Those the one I sent you?
2013-07-06 20:53:28
I have a set of SKZ carbon B14 fenders. Been searching and cant find another set anywhere.
2013-07-06 21:35:13
Originally Posted by M0J0
NX headlamp protectors (OEM, not the ones by GTS)


2013-07-08 16:54:08
p10 Carbon Fiber Trunk
2013-07-08 17:22:28
Originally Posted by M0J0
Originally Posted by M0J0
NX headlamp protectors (OEM, not the ones by GTS)


I had no idea these even existed
2013-07-09 09:15:24
Originally Posted by pr20de
Custom parts are not rare, that makes no sense.

That is incorrect. If that were true it would mean anything that is non-oem and limited production doesn't count. Not the case. That would exclude the SKZ stuff, the carbon fiber skirts, etc..."custom" parts made by certain individuals or low budget companies that are non-existent today. These parts were never truly in production or readily available.

I was fortunate enough to acquire one of these: Impul Primera wheel made by Momo

Whole car can be seen here: http://primeracarclub.co.nz/smf/index.php?topic=16187.0
Last edited by V1rg1n1azf1nest on 2013-07-09 at 09-25-49.
2013-07-09 09:52:06
factory Nissan carbon fiber dash overlay Japan only. Only seen this a few times.
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