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Thread: DEFINE: Rare Part

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2013-07-03 01:24:39
To me like you said anything thats a bitch to find, expensive to to have shipped because actually finding it is a pain in the ass, like u said my lip, good luck finding to many more of those, even though i know one guy can get reproduction ones, after shipping its more than i paid for mine LOL. The card holders, things like the stillen cluster, anything that was made limited, or had to be magazine order that not many cars came with. Why im going to miss my sel when the owner picks her up , so much time sourcing the parts for it, but i know its going to a good home with the guy, and hes getting some fun shit.

Also should say unique made parts form some of the parts suppliers, like how n1's are getting rare now it seems. Going to miss the bseries game

But ill one up you on rare, for nearly fucking impossible, like my baby. Cuz shes got all the rare datsun shit on her at 99.5% stock baby
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2013-07-03 01:27:10
Stillen was huge for sure. Stillen, HKS, and JWT. Yeah, that was it for a little while. I was also thinking about accessories available at the time of my purchase, namely three cd player options. Yeah, hilarious, I know. AM/FM CD unit, CD player that fit in the space below the AM/FM cassette, and 6disc multi-disc player. Wonder how many Nissan sold of these? I almost bought one of the add on CD players, but started getting wheels, struts, etc. and money was tight.
2013-07-03 01:29:34
I got the stillen bumper put up for the sel, i just need to figure out how to fit all this hsit in the car for the new owner >.> hes getting alot of stuff with it, is nice so i dont have to haul it all with me when i move, new place doesnt have as much room.
2013-07-03 01:40:28
To me very few things are rare. Four-fog or two-fog JDM bumper, Sunny Side skirts, folding mirrors, etc. are NOT rare parts, they are just hard to find. The little visor for the mirrors I would consider rare.
2013-07-03 01:42:02
dan i have a perfect stillen cluster to go with that bumper
2013-07-03 01:47:21
NX projector fogs
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2013-07-03 01:57:44
Car already has stillen cluster remember, and mine seems to be a oddball one that has the alarm light. Well its not mine anymore, got the deposit.
2013-07-03 01:58:45
At this point, anything you cannot get at a dealer in a new, OEM bag or bos is rare to me. Hard keeping the B13 OEM original when I can't order anything brand new anymore.
2013-07-03 02:12:44
I have a Quaife from the mailing list group buy! Probably has less than 10k street miles!
2013-07-03 02:51:42
BJ your inbox is full.

Love when you guys talk about keeping se-r's clean and stock compared to my dime, 40+ years, so it can be done.
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