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Thread: No chance in Idle when AC turned on

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2013-06-28 04:12:54
No chance in Idle when AC turned on
If there is no drop in rpm or load whatsoever when the AC button is pushed, what does that indicate is wrong with the AC system? AC doesn't work at all at current - no change at all in temperature of the air even after 1/2 an hour.

Any help would be beneficial - it's too damn hot.
2013-06-28 05:41:03
Your compressor is not engaging. Does the a/c light come on when pushed? Have you checked the system for leaks? It could be a few things...fuse, wiring, low to no refrigerant causing compressor not to engage. If all the other components of the system appear to be leak free and functional, it might be worth it to just have the system serviced somewhere so they can flush and fill it properly. Not sure how long it's been since that has been done.
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2013-07-02 16:52:45
The a/c light does come on when pushed. I'm not sure how to check for leaks, do you have a suggestion?
2013-07-02 16:58:30
Check the relay on the passanger side under the hood. I lost my ac, replaced the relay and now ice cold ac again.
2013-07-02 17:05:18
Chances are you are low on r134. Walmart has the refill cans that have the gauge attached to the handle. If you had TOO much r134 your compressor would constantly be kicking on and off due to the safety switch activating. I just went through all this a couple days ago. Drove the car all day with the AC going with no issues. But check the level of r134, to low wont let the compressor engage.
2013-07-02 18:20:51
I had the same symptoms; no cold air, compressor not engaging, radiator and a/c fans not kicking in.

At first, I checked all a/c electrical components(relay and fuse) and they were fine. Next, I opened up the cap on the low side and pushed the valve to see if it had any pressure. Sure enough the pressure was low.

Drove to a shop to have a/c system vaccumn and charged. The technician confirmed the pressure was low. All he had to do was apply a little pressure and the a/c kicked in.

The a/c has a pressure sensor on the high side. It's a clever fail safe device. It won't let the compressor turn on if the pressure is low or if it's too high. This sensor will save the compressor from burning out if the system is low on freon and oil.
2013-07-03 15:13:31
If you do not know anything about a/c, I highly recommend taking it to a shop.
2013-07-05 13:55:32
Check the plug on the fan box, It is callled the thermal amplifier. They tend to lose contact where it is soldiered on the board causing the compressor not to engage, I found that out after my mechanic traced the AC problem to that.
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