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Thread: Ponder this question (IACV related)

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2007-12-15 05:55:59
Ponder this question (IACV related)
So my IACV is broken, so my idle jumps up and down between 1k and 2k RPM. It's broken because I lost the spring that goes inside it :o

My question to you all is: Do you think I'd be ok to completely remove the IACV and make a blocking plate for it? (the hose for idle air would still be connected). If I were to do this, would the ECU be able to adjust the fuel properly for idle without being able to regulate the amount of idle air? In addition, I would add an adjustable valve in the vaccum line so I could still adjust the idle RPM.

Furthermore, I will be installing SAFC neo in the next few weeks, and if I use that to tune the idle fuel mixture, I begin to wonder why I need an IACV at all. I'm not worried about ECU codes because I don't need to pass emissions.

It sounds like a stupid idea but you'd be feeling the same way if your IACV has been as big a PITA as mine has since I got the car. Often times I think simpler is better, and this seems like the simplest way to have a solid idle.

Also, wouldn't this interfere with the throttle? (Maybe not so much if tuned with SAFC?)

I don't know, just throwing this out there as a thought really. It would probably be a better plan to just replace the IACV eh? I just like to try new things.

Just let me know your thoughts and please don't be afraid to shoot this idea down! Let's hear everything you think might be wrong with it!
2007-12-15 10:03:40
With everything i've read on the forums and in the FSM it seems like the IACV is an integral part of your whole system. i kept mine when i got rid of my EGR stuff. but i'm not saying they are related. if i were you i'd just replace it but i generally like being on the safe side. but hey if you no one has posted anything about it, try it for acouple days and see what it does. check your spark plugs and since you're going to have an safc, you'll prob have a wideband to tune it so just keep an eye out on your A/f ratio
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