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Thread: Xterra engine swap ??

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2007-12-15 03:55:46
Xterra engine swap ??
I think I lost my mind but I was wondering everyone would think it would take to swap a sr20det or rb25det into my se manual xterra and keep 4wd ?? or even a rb26 awd trans with a rb25 mounted in frount of it ?? I think I am going to get mesurments off a rb swaped 240 at my friends shop this weekend and see if it could even fit the xterra make a bellhousing adapter and buy a whole front clip ....an rb25 with a gt3071 would spool quick to give it good towing ...I wonder what kind of gas milage it would get any of these would make more power and torque then the motor that is in it it is like 170 hp 217 ftlbs of torque if I remeber right and the engine managment is nothing a repined EMS could not handle ....

I am probaly crazy ..
2007-12-15 03:59:59
You are not crazy at all.Anything is possible.It's something i may try one day also.
2007-12-15 04:01:04
it would be awd not 4wd if you swapped it
2007-12-15 04:02:21
Originally Posted by Kleensleeper
You are not crazy at all.Anything is possible.It's something i may try one day also.

im not so sure you could put an ls6 in a geo but i guess it could be possible one day
2007-12-15 04:05:13
I was thinking it my not be all that hard ??? they are putting the VQ35 in the 240 also so it is probly posible .... and if it was awd it would still work in the snow and it would put less stress on the rear end because of the torque split
2007-12-15 04:31:40
Torque monster, is all I can say.
2007-12-15 04:46:49
ive never been under a 4x4 xterra, how is the t-case on there? is it coupled to the tranny, or is there an intermediate shaft from tranny to the t-case? if its on the tranny...could be a little more expensive. cause if you end up having to shift the engine back then it wouldnt have the drive shafts line up. so 2 custom shafts.

personaly id go with the rb25 for the extra torque of the 6. a vq swap should be farily easy since the xterra had v6 options. the inline will cause you to move things id bet.

wouldnt be easy, wouldnt be hard....if you can do custom work then shouldnt be a problem.

honestly if it was me...id be going diesel in it. pick up a patrol diesel. sure lot of custom work...but thats just me. id love to find a blown xterra of either 4 or 2 wheel drive and swap in a nissan diesel, which they do rule, low gear it, crawler tcase, lockers on like a 9 inch in the back and a dana 40 up front, 36 or 40 inch tires....bead locks...raise it oooooh a hair....make a sweet torque monster trail rig
2007-12-15 05:50:15
5.3 liter chevy truck motor, transmission, and t-case would be easier. If you want to keep the manual I think you can do a t-5 transmission with a divorced t-case. then put a doubler, and a solid axle swap and you are set.
2007-12-15 05:52:44
Just trade the Xterra in for a Pathfinder with the 5.7L motor, that comes in the Titan.

Matter of fact, aren't the drive trains similar between the Xterra and Pathy? What I mean by that, is bay space, etc. Sure would be bitchin to slam that 5.7L into an Xterra, and throw some cams on it. Maybe a mild JWT tune, and some bitchin headers and exhaust, nice ram air intake...
2007-12-15 05:58:58
Originally Posted by dcr1d3r13
im not so sure you could put an ls6 in a geo but i guess it could be possible one day

Cmon, you're telling me you've never seen the big v8 drag CRX cars? Sure they extend the front end but hey, that still counts
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