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Thread: The future of the sr20 community

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2013-06-21 20:40:25
Originally Posted by Kyle
Last two Conventions say otherwise, folks..... there is more to it than what is presented in front of your face via the internet.

John and Dave brought is a great factory ECU option with Nismotronic ECU and tunercode and NEMU all great stuff that crushes Calum.

Big bored and big stroked engines are popping up more and more.

Larger than factory turbo builds are all over.

......... .........

We are all entitled to our own opinions

Personally don't know about the part saying Nismotronic ECU and tunercode and NEMU crushes Calumsult
I happen to have Both Calumsult and Nismotronic on different cars and Calumsult seems to do it a lot better for me
but thats just lil o me I believe we should not have bothered Calum like we did, maybe he would have still been helping us.

about the information part its still here but you have to look a lot harder to find it due to ppl no longer wanting to search
and asking questions that have already been answered flooding the forum with repeats
2013-06-21 20:55:35
Originally Posted by gomba
Originally Posted by BenFenner
gomba, I think there comes a time where all the easy questions have been asked and answered, which only leaves hard-as-fuck questions being asked. I'm not surprised those questions get less replies or go unanswered. At some point a member has enough knowledge to pose a question that not many can answer. At some point people need to roll up their sleeves and get to work finding their own answer. The forum is great for most things, but some things are beyond the scope or at least outpace the scope.

My 2¢.

I partly agree, but I will say that that the forums have been around for close to 10 years and our cars 20 years. Almost everything HAS been done before, but not everything has been ASKED before. It's just finding people who can answer your question. With the draw down in interest and visits to the forums those people aren't around anymore so you're having to re-invent the wheel when you don't need to or end up using a square wheel. It can be very frustrating.

Originally Posted by Boostlee

This is NOT a Honda site, and sometimes, there simply is NOT a simple solution. Sometimes you have to be your own personal engineer and just try things instead of being timid. And have some common sense

Why do I need a forum for this? In other words, if it comes to the point where people just stop replying to threads you HAVE to resort to your statement...and then what's the use of the forums? Just to post when the next convention is?


U say ALMOST everything has been done before
and yet it seems like im the only one with mine

guess this means im on my own lol.....
Am i the only one who did a GTi-R to a Miata swap?????
No point in asking questions if all i get is a
" WOW U got a Miata with a GTI-R Can i see it reply"
and di**s saying "u got this far figure it out lol...."

wish the forum was like it used to be where ppl actualy tried to help
2013-06-22 00:57:01
I only read half the first page

I'm just chiming in to say I have absolutely no plans to part with my Becky!!! I had a baby 2.5 years ago and with some added vehicular discouragement I've been scarce for a bit myself. I've been back strong for a few weeks now as the nice weather is here in NH and Becky's hitting the pavement bringing me a renewed energy for the community as well. I'm in no way claiming OG status, and my join date here isn't reflective, but I've been around since '04 on the old forum....still rockin my hypercoil gen1 from the first GB I ever took part in.

Love live the SR20!!! Let's remember, even Jonny Tran wanted an Sr20 in his S2k!!!
2013-06-23 04:57:59
I remember when Calum came out he pretty much told everyone he created the hardware and you had to figure out the tuning. I don't blame him for getting out of the scene. People wanted the benefits of cheap tuning but it seems they didn't want to hear him when he said he was only about the hardware and not the tuning. I give him credit for trying to help people for so long. I would have probably told peeps to fuck off after a few weeks.
Last edited by TrackJunky82 on 2013-06-23 at 04-59-38.
2013-06-23 12:25:48

yup, yup lol

here's a few more pics and text from that day Pics & Text from SE-R.net

Under the big top! Thanks for the big canopy Steve C.!

From L-R: Tevs Yen, Mike Yeppes (Honda Hybrid guy), Steve Christiansen, Tom Liang (another HH guy), Chris Pinthong & bro, Antonio Garcia & Andy Phan.

L-R: Andy, Rob Cadle & Jared (plotting the next 'mod' to Tom Paule's car), George Peters, Mena Aquenenni & his fiancee. —

Hey, who parked my car backasswards? Nice SERCA decal....look closer

Andy's 200 & a few of the other cars at the park

L-R: Andreana (& possibly baby Silvia 8^D) , Amber (yellow shirt), Gil Espinosa, Leslie & George Peters, Sharon Kojima & oh, look it's Naji going in for the kill (soda) hehehe

There's Davin on the BBQ, you go man!

Thomas Fox & family "Happy B-day Thomas"

Mike K's place w/ Davin's G & Mike Saiki's 200 (Motivational Engineering)

Davin working on his G as Tevs looks on

Still goin' at it at dusk is Todd Friar workin' on Tom Paule's sounds and Frank's 200 on the right

A closer look at Todd & Tom's classic, powered by "Cock-shocks"...LOL

Frank & Chris "Shaggy" Allen working on Frank's intake cam, as a crowd gathers

George Peters saying: "Hey, Mike, we can squeeze another car in here, no problem"

Rob's classic getting newsed GAB's

Chris Big-E Parker working on Ahren's GC's as Ahren & Al Thomas, Terrin & John Chan look on

The usual parking configuration at Mike's cul-de-sac —

Big-E getting ready to tackle Jared's tranny

A crowd gathers around the "Green Monster", Mike's SCC Project 200SX SE-R

Ahren's classic getting the GC's & Thomas' NX getting the Stillen cams

Oh my gawd, an open spot in Mike's driveway!
2013-06-23 13:32:05
Damn, those are some killer and old pictures! Thanks for posting them.
2013-06-23 14:08:22
Originally Posted by blusteelsr20
As with any good forum there will be growing pains and new members with fresh ideas. Us OG guys pretty much kick back & lurk the Dash nowdays, responding when it's appropriate to do so. It's still a very active forum, just a different one from 5+ years ago.

Well said.............. been driving a SR20 for 20 years now..... and don't see any change coming anytime soon. There are 4 in the driveway right now.
2013-06-23 15:15:04
Originally Posted by Kyle
Damn, those are some killer and old pictures! Thanks for posting them.

i think there's a few more in the socal-serca yahoogroups and carlos G. is still keeping it alive
2013-06-23 17:09:02
The future is a turbo VE with a 6 speed in ALL the B chassis!!!
2013-06-24 02:14:04
in a tube frame, all carbonkevlar clad B13 cover
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