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Thread: What's the most "ghetto" thing you've ever done to your SR20?

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2013-05-02 01:13:52
LOL! nice.

I just remember another thing I did, I got a cold air intake and the MAF adapter didn't line up so I used tiny c-clamps to hold it together
2013-05-02 01:17:52
I once used a skateboard in place of a lost rear wheel. Or that may have been a Scooby Doo episode I saw once. Hard to say. :mushroom:
2013-05-02 07:39:31
Serious?? lol

BTW I may hit up the junkyard again tomorrow since its supposed to be so nice out. I need a new B14 center vent and some random other junk
2013-05-02 12:54:37
My first track event I seperated the muffler and used duck tape to pull the rest of the exhaust to the side. Result was alot of melted duck tape on the exhaust by the time I got to the track an hr away. Also use to use 6in bolts and a bunch of nuts inbetween the flanges to seperate the muffler from the rest of the exhaust. Then eventually I would just take the muffler off all together. Use to take it off to go to the street races and then put it back on before pulling into my neighborhood. Ah..the early years. Now I have a custom side exit setup that I've been rocking for almost 4 years.
2013-05-02 13:37:19
"Fixed" the rocker rust on my second SE-R with spray foam and a light coating of bondo. Lasted just long enough to sell the car. I perfected this method on a truck I owned previously. It also cuts down on road noise.
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