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Thread: What's the most "ghetto" thing you've ever done to your SR20?

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2013-04-30 05:13:06
What's the most "ghetto" thing you've ever done to your SR20?
I went to wash my engine at a bay tonight since it was full of grease from the recent headgasket swap, but when I got there I realized that:

1) I had no plastic bag to cover the air filter and 2) No screwdriver to just loosen the clamp to just take it off. I was wearing a beanie though, so I took it off, and here is the result:

:nightmare: the sad thing is, it's a few years old, but I think that was a $30 hat.

Anyone else got any stories?

I also have used tape to hold a headlight bulb in, and zipties to hold basically an entire exhaust on.

P.S. pics of the bay tomorrow, it is pristine
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2013-05-01 00:33:05
Well apparently no one does anything ghetto to their SR20's. lol. here's a quick camera phone pic:

2013-05-01 01:44:30
I have a cut up rag as a PCV filter right now...
It's actually been that way for years.

People loved my speak wire engine harness.
2013-05-01 01:54:53
Cut 2 pepsi cans open and used them to make a couple for 3" downpipe to test pipe. 10psi later I was open downpipe again.
2013-05-01 18:02:32
What's the most "ghetto" thing you've ever done to your SR20?
Haha yea I cleaned my engine with degreaser works really good

2013-05-01 18:08:40
When I got my B14 many years ago I drilled a bunch of holes in the lower part of the air filter box. Made all sorts of neat noises.
2013-05-01 18:27:59
Re: What's the most "ghetto" thing you've ever done to your SR20?
I used a cut up monster can, 2 pipe clamps and some gun gum to cover a big hole in my catback to get my car through the yearly car inspection here in Ireland

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2013-05-01 20:16:34
Not really on my SR20, but at least it was on an SR20 powered car (my NX):

2013-05-01 21:00:28
Did this to see how worn a motormount can get, the stock ones aren't really up to the job. It held a couple of hundred miles then the wood was malformed enough to fall out of there. Of course it is a Prothane now.

2013-05-01 21:12:56
lol Ive put RTV over a oil line leak so I could move the car 10 feet. (in gravels isnt a place to work on a car)
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