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Thread: Heavy Vibrations on first gear when taking off

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2013-04-28 08:12:45
Heavy Vibrations on first gear when taking off
OK so my 93 g20 is now running finally but now when i take off the car feels like it shatters or like bucking in first gear. The whole car vibrates pretty strong on first gear, like if the clutch isn't engaging. The cluch cable doesn't have play with the fork as i loosened it all the way and there was no way for me to move the fork with my hands to loosened it that much.... Also, the car smokes blue (not much) when i go from neutral to a gear and give it gas, and it is running rich as hell...

Any ideas why the car shakes like that ? I made sure everything was tight down there yesterday so everything does look good, only thing i could think of is my clutch went bad but it roughly has 200 miles now....
2013-04-28 08:39:27
What clutch setup are you using ??? Sprung or Solid Hub ???

only thing i could think of is my clutch went bad but it roughly has 200 miles now....

Do any burn outs in first with it?

If it's a sprung disc sounds like you might have a spring failure.

Could also be in front suspension bushings.
2013-04-28 08:46:13
It is a sprung clutch. clutchmasters fx300... no burnouts or nothing. Drove the car like a baby (higher rpm ever hit was 4,000 and only while testing the car while driving 50+ as it was shacking bad before i tightened the half shaft bracket) So i don't see a reason other than a bad clutch for the car to do this... i'm gonna loosen the clutch cable a little more in a bit (when the sun comes out) and see if that helps, other than that it looks like my clutch might of have taken a crap on me no ?
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2013-04-28 09:01:19
Wait till the sun comes out ??? It's a full moon tonight :nevreness:

Is it shaking under acceleration only or when cruising at say 35 MPH ?
2013-04-28 09:05:20
PM Sent
2013-04-28 09:17:41
As per ASE
"Clutch chatter is different than clutch slippage. Clutch chatter occurs when the clutch is first applied and goes away when the clutch has fully engaged and clutch slippage is the continued spin of the clutch disk without it's full engagement. Vehicles with faulty dual mass flywheels or worn or over machined flywheels will result in clutch slippage. With clutch chatter the vehicle will shudder and shake while with clutch slippage the engine increases in RPM while vehicle speed is not sufficient or even unaffected.

This condition is also caused by broken or loose engine mounts. Worn or contaminated clutch facings will cause clutch chatter and grabbing. Contaminated clutch disk friction material is typically the result of a leaking crankshaft main seal or transmission front seal. Depending on the vehicle this oil may easily be seen during a visual inspection of the clutch housing. Pressure plates wear and the springs become weak resulting in chatter or slipping. The surface of the flywheel or pressure plate may have developed hot spots. Heat will rapidly wear components and the surfaces required for proper clutch performance. Dark bluish colored parts indicate an overheating condition."
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