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Thread: My B13 almost killed me today.

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2013-05-11 16:06:51
This happened to my friends car which was sitting in a garage for almost 3 years undriven. No jacks had touched it as it was on stands no where near where it broke. We finally got his stuff all together and went to bleed the brakes and soaked the floor. Sometimes they just rot out. Luckily his wasnt while driving so we just replaced the line. I was always paranoid about running new brake lines thinking they were hard to do and expensive. Ended up being very easy. Glad you survived haha.
2013-05-12 04:37:19
Lines were cheap but what a royal pain in the a$$ on jackstands to install on my back.. Towards the gas tank it makes all kinda bends..
I love working on my car and usually im the only one that does..

For this " NON Rewarding " work I may pay my friend with a lift 1.5 hours labor to be done with it.. My free time is limited now a days.
Id rather be enjoying the car or doing my fun stuff to it.

PS, Can anyone recommend a good street pad to use with my new AD22's I also just added ( while I was in there ).
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2014-12-09 14:56:25
I've had good luck with Nissan OEM street pads. And Carbotech 1521s are awesome.
2014-12-09 15:18:42
I really haven't gone through Nissans brake system but they should have some sort of safety valve in the brake system for all brakes going out?? IE: crack a rear line and fronts still work vice versa... Maybe it was deleted on the non ABS swap?
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