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Thread: How To: Remove NX2000 Front Bumper

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2007-12-11 05:38:38
How To: Remove NX2000 Front Bumper
Borrowed from our esteemed colleague nismo91

Taking the mystery out of how to take the NX bumper off.

Basically take all the nuts and bolts that are highlighted on the picture.

Take the four screw that is highlighted.

Driver's side

Passenger side
2007-12-11 05:39:14
From underneath the car - passender side

Take off any screw you see holding the inner liner. (I think I have most of 'em circled). Some screw's are made of plastics! You can take off ALL the screws holding the inner liner with a phillips screwdriver. Some you will not see the cross for the phillips but they are there.

Please see note on the picture

Once you are able to take the inner liner off, you will see four studs holding the bumper to the fender by nuts. On the passenger side you will have to take off the windshield reservoir first to have access to the four studs holding the bumper to the fender. On the driver side you'll need to remove the resonator box if you haven't already taken it out to install a CAI or something.

Once you completed the steps above you now should be able to pull off the bumper/whole front nose. REMEMBER: to take off your headlight, fog lights, and side marker connections!!![/QUOTE]
2007-12-11 05:42:10
[QUOTE=Greg Perry]
Some additional install notes:
-There is a hidden bolt at the top of each fender that you access from behind the headlight. You'll need a deep well 10mm socket to get to it.

-Steve's bolt diagram didn't point out the one screw that is on the bottom of the splash shield, under the rear of the fender. You can only see it by laying on the ground and looking up at the bottom rear of the fender. Phillips head screw.


More info from Kinyo

2007-12-24 07:34:21
That odd my bro had an ep when he went to remove his bumper to install his cold air intake he had like these clips not screws, and their was only like 8-12 of them. And the bumper came right off
2011-07-13 21:22:24
Can someone rehost the pictures? Trying to remove the bumper but cannot find everything.
2011-07-13 22:17:44
Originally Posted by La_Noche
Can someone rehost the pictures? Trying to remove the bumper but cannot find everything.

Ok, just to the inside of each headlight there are 2 bolts on the top, 4 total, and 1 on each side at the top corner of the bumper where the fenders meet. Then there are a bunch on the underside, I lost count, but there are 2 rows of them. You will need to remove both fogs, and blinkers.

Put your car up on jack stands and remove both front wheels, then both fender liners. There are some random fasteners on them. You will need about 20 inches of extensions to get these next three bolts. They are all 10mm for the bumper IIRC. Look towards the bumper through the inside of the fender and you'll see those 3 nuts looking right back at you. Then on the lower part of the fender there are to nuts holding the lower lip of the bumper. The last ones, if you done everything else in order, will be the hardest to get to. You will need a deep 10mm+6in extension. There is a long stud located to the outside of each headlight just under the upper radiator support through a cutout by each light. After you've done this to both sides the bumper should pull off, maybe with a little persuasion, but not too much.
2011-07-13 22:52:41
This should make it easy
2011-07-13 23:01:46
Looks like im 90% of the way there. My only issue thus far is the washer resevoir has one bolt that bolts to the wheel well that is completely rusted and disintegrated so I cant fit a socket on it or get a grip with it. So I cant remove it to remove the 4 bolts that hold the bumper to the fender. This is also the issue with the two bolts on the driver side that attach the lip to the fender. No idea where my vice grips went so Ill pick up another pair at work tomorrow. Ive swallowed enough cobwebs and rust for the evening. Thank you tswii for clarifying with that picture.
2011-07-13 23:03:11
The 10mm nuts holding the bumper to the fender on the driver side were very easy and attainable without the extensions, just used a 10mm deep on a 1/4 ratchet and just layed there parallel to the front of my bumper staring at the sky while taking them off.
2011-07-14 00:06:30
You dont have to remove the reservoir. I didn't on mine when I removed and installed the bumper. You just need some long extensions, a 10mm wrench, and a 1/4 inch rachet for that side. Makes life easier.Almost all of the bolts on the bottom of my lip broke off, and the donor car was the same. Luckily I have about 50 lbs of random bolts and nuts from every car I ever took parts off of, lol. And you're welcome, I try to help where I can.
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