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Thread: transmission help

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2013-03-09 20:31:29
transmission help
I try looking up search but on the phone it very lame. So I want to know how many of our SR transmission come with cooling fans on tranny..
2013-03-10 01:14:35
No cooling fins, and no cooling fans on the transmission.

Edit: Not on the B13/B14/P10 transmissions anyway.
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2013-03-11 02:40:53
Hmmm okay guess im lost.. Can someone tell me what this Transmission might be, im saying it might be a SR16 but correct me if im wrong. Thanks.

2013-03-11 07:45:55
b15 / p11
2013-03-12 00:06:51
I dunno but it needs a wash BADLY. LOL.

It makes me cringe. Get a big new can of degreaser and go to work.
2013-03-12 02:20:30
Originally Posted by 92SentraSE-R
b15 / p11

b15 ?
p11 32v yes

i doubt it's a vzr tranny. hydraulic clutch.no clutch cable bracket.

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2013-03-12 18:26:32
So is there two P11 LSD transmission... Cause im confuse this is what it though the P11/B15 Transmission look like.. the LSD block looks different
well thanks everyone i guess ill know when i have it on the car Found this at the junk yard so hope it a good find lolz
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2013-03-12 19:34:17
Originally Posted by Redline
So is there two P11 LSD transmission.
There are two different P11 transmissions, that's for sure.

Edit: See below for correct years.
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2013-03-12 20:09:20
1999 P11 LSD transaxle = RS5F32V (weaker)
'00-'02 P11 LSD transaxle = RS5F70V (stronger)
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