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Thread: Need transmission help/advice

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2013-03-06 23:09:30
Need transmission help/advice
I have a turbo 99 g20. The transmission obviously isn't the stronger one(RS5F32V) so it went out after 2 years of barely abusing it. I took it apart and saw that 3rd gear is shot. I looked for anything else like more damaged gears, cracks, etc, and 3rd gear was the only main culprit, oh and the 3rd gear teeth on the main shaft are also shot. Today I discovered the reason why my gears were whining after about a year after installing my DET, The input shaft bearing went bad, a seal broke, got into my clutch which I did notice slipping the night before my trans went out, and I guess it caused the trans fluid to leak out. I saw evidence of trans fluid leaking because its all over the bottom of the chassis and some burnt on my down pipe and exhaust pipes. So that was the main reason why 3rd had to go out and when it did, I was only a mile away from home, and every other gear that I can go in was making the sound of no fluid in the trans. I'm not completely positive or "smart" about it, but I think my trans went out due to worn bearings and input shaft seal breaking through.

I just need some advice and help about what to do with the transmission. I saw many different options but getting confused. I also like to keep the final drive of my transmission since it's longer for turbo. If I were to rebuild the things that broke and what not, can someone specify what I would need besides; a new 3rd gear assembly, new main shaft, input/output bearings, and seals. I also like to know about gear stacks. Can't I use the Q18 gear stacks as a direct replacement on the transmission I have? Or do you have to have the RS5F70V(2001-up p11/b15) transmission to do so. Also, if I were to rebuild, can I order parts from the 2001 p11, or do I have to stay with the 32V. I looked on "stealership" websites, and the 1999 p11 and 2001 p11 trans parts look exactly the same and have the same part numbers, but a little more expensive. I just don't know if I can use the 2001 parts for replacement or what. If I can source out the parts I need, I personally will benefit rebuilding the trans because I would really prefer new parts, and due to my funds, I can buy 1 or 2 things at a time instead of paying 800-1200 for a 2001 p11 trans on the spot. So, anyways, any advice on what I should do will very much help as I miss my p11 and hate driving my beater car(92 honda civic lol). Thanks
2013-03-07 00:31:41
go a 70v if you can find one,and you'll probably only buy it once...or keep replacing 3rd in your 32v, your choice...
2013-03-07 01:28:23
that's probably what im going to have to do. I should've looked into the damages a little better cause now I found pieces that are not broken teeth at all and I have no idea where they came from.

*UPDATE* The pieces came from the input shaft bearing. I was wondering why are the balls out of the bearing and compared the other bearing. Cause the pieces had tiny ribbets in them and I guess my input shaft bearing went out which basically damaged 3rd gear and the main shaft.
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2013-03-07 03:53:58
How much peak torque on your setup?
2013-03-07 04:23:52
I've honestly never dynoed my car. I do have a w10 motor, which basic bolt ons with a t-28. The transmission started to make weird noises after a year of the install, like clunking noises when the clutch pedal was released in neutral and when I pressed the clutch pedal in, it went away. Then I started hearing the transmission making loud whining noises from 1st-3rd. After tons of research on here and g20.net, I guess the input shaft bearing was deteriorating slowly until that one day it decided to go. So, if I paid more attention about the noises instead of making second guesses, I should've replaced the input shaft bearing and all the other bearings before things got worst.
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2013-03-07 04:37:17
I just want to know something and even though there is threads about it, since I have a 99 p11, and doesn't have the stronger trans like the 2001+ p11 or b15, can I still do the QG18 gear stack swap with no problems?
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