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Thread: WTF Cusco?

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2013-02-28 16:33:20
WTF Cusco?
From now on I will refrain from asking any questions that deal with cars on these forums. Just so everyone is happy.
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2013-02-28 16:46:36
I've never heard of someone thinking they were aluminum.
However, that's not cool that the paint (powder coat?) is failing that quickly.

Is that a magnet to show us it is steel?
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2013-02-28 17:24:57
Immature and specifically profane language is not accepted outside of the Moshpit
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2013-02-28 17:36:15
i take it real aluminum doesnt rust.... hmmm.
2013-02-28 17:43:00
Originally Posted by Wayne
Serban had told me that the early ones were aluminum.
There are two different Cusco front strut tower bar designs. The earlier one is aluminum I think, but it is a completely different design, and only the steel end-caps were painted blue. The center piece is clear anodized aluminum I believe.

Let me just find a picture.

I think Serban was probably talking about this style. Which was sold for for the same chassis (N14?) as the one you have.

And here is the thread about it: http://www.sr20-forum.com/general-sr20/22166-can-anyone-tell-me-about-strut-bar.html
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2013-02-28 18:22:36
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2013-02-28 19:52:16
Originally Posted by Wayne
It's not that style. Our buddy Robert has one that was completely stripped of paint and is the EXACT same style as mine and is aluminum.

I wouldike to know who else has the same bar but not steel. I'm pissed that it's doing this for a $200 bar. And now I have to reduce it.

I would also like to see how many are aluminum out there.
I have had(5) over the years,including one thats still BNIB from the last groupbuy.....all 5 are/were steel .

That would make the aluminum ones like unicorns .

As for the old style,I have had 2 of those(still have one,Larry has the other one) and Ben is correct...the center bar is aluminum,but the ends are steel
2013-02-28 20:00:08
$200? i thought it was always $100-125
2013-02-28 20:34:12
Your car is going to rust out before that bar...lol Steel > aluminum with regards to strength/flex. Be happy you have a stronger bar.

You may also want to change out those rubber stock upper mounts to something solid, if you're really concerned about flex. It's the equivalent of putting on a condom with the end cut off. If the bar is just a looks thing, then just sand/paint it and quit your whining.
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2013-02-28 20:48:12
Well I'll be damned. I did not know about that style being done in aluminum.
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