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Thread: True or False: The B13 came with only 1 radiator fan

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2013-02-21 23:47:45
Originally Posted by Vadim
Originally Posted by Benito
Two fans. one W AC like you said. Why not get some SPALs off of eBay? More flow etc. Also NX radiator might be a a good idea if you don't have one already.

I wouldn't, I have two slim spal's and they still don't flow as well as my OEM P11 fan set. I'm actually pulling my spal's out and installing OEM fans. Part of the problem with universal fans is lack of a shroud, which helps with pulling the heat more efficiently.

Originally Posted by Keo
i voted one, people don't normally call the ac fan a cooling fan.

Sure as heck works like a cooling fan, they both do kick on at once even without AC being on :-P

It would be a ac fan. There's more to it and its only cause a lot of people tend to over think stuff.
2013-02-21 23:49:26
Like has been said, 2 fans if you have A/C.
2013-02-21 23:51:08
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Like has been said, 2 fans if you have A/C.

That's what I said/thought, but people said I was wrong, and even the Nissan tech said only 1 fan. I have no idea.
2013-02-21 23:54:51
If nissan can't get its catalog straight on something as important as brake pads for the SE-R do you think they'll get it right with the fans...?

Only time I haven't seen two fans on a B13 is the E model Sentra, every other model has 2 fans; both GA16 and SR20 powered.
2013-02-22 00:33:17
I dunno. Guess you have a point.... but both Autozone and Advanced Auto had it has only 1 fan too. Not that they are reliable sources or anything, perhaps they just recopy the information from Nissan..

Can you guys do me a favor. If you own a B13 that has an unmodified radiator/coolant system, next time you check under the hood can you see if you have 1 or 2 fans, and also say if you have A/C or not?
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2013-02-22 00:54:33
i have a 94 sentra ,it has 2 fans and both come on to cool the radiator.
2013-02-22 01:32:18
Before I removed both of mine, mine had two. My car had A/C.
Are you serious? The parts idiots are wrong. Happens ALL the time.

The Factory Service Manual is pretty explicit about this.
2013-02-22 01:34:00
Why waste time calling and talking to people. Hit up harrys and go to town. Junkyards are wonderful places.
2013-02-22 02:33:40
Just walked out in the freezing cold in my jammies and slippers (Hi neighbors!) to check the XE. It has 2 and I know the SE-R has 2. Maybe a lowly E without A/C only has one?

I also checked the Courtesy Nissan diagrams. They show that one fan under the cooling section, but I wondered if the second isn't listed under the A/C section. Couldn't find it on their site though.

If the weather cooperates I'm heading to Harry's U-Pull-It Pennsburg on Sunday. If you want me to eyeball one let me know.
2013-02-22 03:09:00
The A/C fan is on the condensor diagram.


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