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Thread: Mixing Trans Gears

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2013-02-21 13:44:42
Mixing Trans Gears
So i have a LSD b14 transmission with a damaged reverse main gear. I want to know if a LSD p10 gearstack would be a plug and play.
I do know the 4th and 5th gear are longer on the p10 trans.

I only have the main gear shaft from a lsd p10, the other shaft that connects to the clutch disk will remain the same from the original b14 box.
Anyone with experience knows if its plug and play or do i need to match the gears on the other shaft.

I know its confusing i will use pictures to explain if needed.
2013-02-21 15:00:57
That won't work. Gears are a matched set with matched diameters (ratios) and tooth counts.
2013-02-21 18:36:33
What Ben said is correct about keeping the sets matched. It is possible to swap 5th gear from the P10 to your B14 stack, but both P10 5th gears will need to replace both B14 5th gears.
2013-02-21 21:53:40
hmm thanks much! I guess I'll have to look for a press to separate what I need only(the reverse gear).
2013-02-22 00:23:20
Before you do that, make sure the reverse gear is not cast into the shaft. A large portion of the gears are not pressed on, but actually integral to the shaft. I'm getting the feeling that is the case for the reverse gears (other than the idler gear of course).
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