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Thread: Question about Axle Carrier Bracket (G20T vs B14 LSD axle)

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2013-02-06 18:51:22
Question about Axle Carrier Bracket (G20T vs B14 LSD axle)
I have two (2) LSD axles here from a B13/B14 SE-R with axle carrier bracket. Now, here is the question; are the B13/B14 LSD Passenger side axle carrier brackets the same as the 2000 G20T carrier brackets?? Or, are all LSD axle carrier brackets the same? I can take pics if need be! The goal is, if they are the same, just transfer they over and make the swap much easier on my end

2013-02-06 18:58:05
All lsd and non lsd axles brackets are the same. The passenger side axle is the same for lsd and non lsd transmissions. Only difference is the drivers side axle. Thats the only one you have to change when going from a non lsd trans to an lsd trans.
2013-02-06 19:01:36
I know the axles for Non-LSD and LSD on the pass. side are different lengths (between the solid shaft and the other half from the carrier bracket to the hub) and they need a different bracket. I do not know if within the LSD axles, did those change in any of the chassis. Typically, the B13,B14,P10 all share the same "stuff" and the B15 and P11 share the same "stuff".

I am interested in the answer, though.

For my P10 with the open diff, I bought LSD axles and an axle carrier bracket.

- - - Updated - - -

Ashton, the length overall is the same but where the split is, is not the same. Driver's side axles are different overall length between driver's side with LSD, at least that was what I found when shopping for axles recently.
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2013-02-06 19:04:47
@ashtonsser, that is incorrect!

Take a look:

Axle Carrier Brackets - G20 Forum

And several pics take from the forum for comparison purposes:

Again my question is: Are the axle carrier brackets between the B chassis LSD and the (2000) P11 G20T the same?? The G20T has several differences in the axle setup based off the fact(s) that the suspension is different (eg: track is different so the LSD axle from a B14 WON'T work on a 2000 and up P11 G20T! Ask me how I know.............)
2013-02-06 19:08:06
I know at one point in a buddies car we had to put a non lsd trans in until we could find an lsd one and we used his lsd passenger axle with no issues and just go a non lsd driver side axle. And yes you will notice as far as that axle is concerned the length is different as well as the part that goes into the trans. The lsd has a much short shaft that goes into the trans vs non lsd one.
2013-02-06 19:12:09
Ah just the brackets is what your concerned with. Well in that case, im really not sure. I want to say they are the same lsd to lsd but again ive never tried to use p11 axles or any of that in a b13/b14 chassis. Dont know why you would being the hub splines are different. I just use all the b13/b14 lsd stuff.
2013-02-06 19:14:58
@ashtonsser , I think you are a bit confused with what I am saying (although, your statements are correct if referring to the driver's side regarding length) as I am NOT referring to axle length or specs in my question.....

HOWEVER, the passenger side has several different lengths and spline count where it meets the hub between the P11 G20T 2000 and above and the other LSD equipped B chassis cars. The 2000 P11T and up cars have a fairly unique axle setup and cannot be swapped as easily as you state between itself and the B chassis cars. With the 1999 P11 and P11T however, things are fairly "similar" between the B chassis and itself.

EDIT: your response was posted while I was typing . Thanks for your input Ash!
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2013-02-06 19:23:07
Thats where you were confusing me with the whole thing. lol I was like why would someone try to use p11 axles on a b series chassis. lol. But if your needing a replacement axle carrier bracket and wondering if the p11 bracket was the same as the b chassis then yeah I could see that.

I wanna say the lsd brackets are all the same.

Like you said the shaft length from the trans to the carrier was different on the lsd and non lsd cars even though you can use the lsd or non lsd passenger axle on either one, you just need to have the matching bracket.

Anyways i wanna say last time i was under a p11 the bracket was the same as the lsd b chassis cars. Dont quote me but im pretty sure.
2013-02-06 19:24:35
Lol, sounds like an echo in this thread.
2013-02-06 20:00:50
What are you trying to do? Swap over the B13/B14 axles to P11 chassis? If so, it won't work. The B13/B14 32mm axles won't go in to the P11 36mm hub.

As for axles and axle carriers, the simple thing to remember is swap them over together, save you a lot guessing and time. If swapping over a b13/14 lsd axle then also swap over the carrier. If swapping a B13/B14 non-lsd axle also swap over the carrier.

When I swap over to a lsd transmission, I still use my passenger side non-lsd axle. It was possible because I swap over the axle carrier. As long as they're together(axle and axle carrier) you can swap them over to any tranny.
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