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Thread: Aeroquip Stainless Steel AC Systems

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2013-02-06 04:12:50
Aeroquip Stainless Steel AC Systems

Got a 240sx, decided I want to re-install my AC System, top mount turbo setup will require me to reroute the low-pressure AC Line...

Anyone have an idea of the size fittings that connect both the Pressure and Return lines to the AC Evap Core?

Also, anyone ever done something like this? Wanna share your experience?

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2013-02-06 04:23:14
This is so awesome on so many levels
2013-02-06 12:19:03
ok, well the pressured line OD is 12mm (0.47") and the lowpressure line is 15mm (0.6")

so the 6AN and the 10AN steel lines would be the suitable replacements....

will chop the stock lines at the ends and install the appropriate male AN fittings
2013-02-06 14:07:08
That is awesome, keep us posted on how it goes. I spent the money on an AC line crimper and then bought some hose (was much thicker then OEM hose but ID was same), after about 3 months it leaked out . Bought a new AC line, but SS lines would be best imo!
2013-02-06 14:48:09
well i dont plan to venture down the road of attempting to crimp anything. i plan to take the hoses n fittings to my local hose place and have them assemble the lines, after measurements.

this might take a lil time as I dont have an ac compressor just yet. but i will order the lines. gotta prep mah slab for the summer onslaught 8-)
2013-02-06 17:54:30
Contact these people below. I used them multiple times to manufacture different lines... steel braided and tubed. You can send them your stock line as a reference and tell them what you want to do with it. They stock all the fittings and lines/hoses.

Moreland Hose and Belting Corp.
2013-02-06 18:47:43
We dont use the areoquip stuff, but we use braided line for air system and A/C systems. We have a lot of custom AC applications we work with and using rubber/braided lines over hard lines is an easy solution.
2013-02-06 19:07:15
any guidance for the type of material contained in the steel braided lines? I mean, aeroquip states that not all stainless steel lines are suitable for carrying refrigerant. Obviously they want to emphasis the superiority of their product but are they incorrect?
2013-02-07 14:47:50
Im interested in these lines if they work, i was thinking of cutting back the lines welding a 90 degree bed on and running in down n out through the fender, i was going to put a lpolished block of plate ofer the ac holes. was going to have hard lines bent, however these look much more ideal, will these handle both sides of the AC?
2013-02-07 20:18:28
Most likely PTFE lined braided stainless.

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