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Thread: insurance poll

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2013-02-01 03:21:10
insurance poll
What do you guys pay for insurance on you b13s? I just got mine insured today and want to see how i did.
2013-02-01 03:33:19
Your numbers are way too high dude, need to have more span in the poles for the lower numbers. I only pay 25/mo for my se-r. Even when I was 20 my insurance for my se-r for full coverage was only 80 bucks a month or so. Ive never had any accidents and no major tickets that really would affect insurance. I used to have Progressive, then had state farm, now I have USAA. All of them were similar on the policy for the Sentra. It was the newer car that we had that made the big difference and discounts.

Im 28, no accidents, and right now only one speeding ticket from almost 7 years ago that shows on my record. It will fall off by the time I get home. So Ill have a squeeky clean record once that happens.

For both full coverage on my wifes 2005 Acura MDX and my Sentra I pay 89/mo with USAA
2013-02-01 03:37:03
I pay like $120/mo for my b13, 2 p10s and the escalade... basic on the nissans and comp on the caddy. 28yo, nothing on my licence and I live in the middle of nowhere.
2013-02-01 03:39:07
Oh wow. Im paying 160 a month...
2013-02-01 06:30:37
I pay about $47/month with progressive for basic liability + roadside on my NX2000. One at-fault 4.5 years ago and a few not-at-faults which in Oregon can affect rates. No tickets. I'm 26.

I'm sort of looking for an NX1600 so I called progressive to see how much cheaper the insurance would be. They said it would actually be more expensive to insure the NX1600
2013-02-01 06:36:15
Because a GA powered car cant even get out of the way of itself let alone another car :0

2013-02-01 08:44:09
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Because a GA powered car cant even get out of the way of itself let alone another car :0


It moves quick. Its got a sr in it with cams pullies i/h/e and safc
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2013-02-01 13:51:57
My 96 B14? $40 a month for full coverage,$500 deductible.No tickets,50 years old.
2013-02-01 14:21:08
I pay much lower as well. There's so many factors that go into your rate. I pay $41/mo for the the 99 SE-L and $46 for my wife's Xterra but I keep comprehensive w/$100 deductible on both...that covers hail dmg, glass breakage, theft, animal collision, fire. I also have Personal Injury Protection, Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage, rental, and emergency roadside assistance.

Other factors that determine your rate include your age, if you're married, driving record, credit history, where you live, what you drive, how much you drive... other insurance you may have with the same company can get you more discounts like a multi-car or multi-line (homeowners or renters, life ins, umbrella), defensive driving, or good driver discount. If you're under 25 and in school with good grades you could qualify for a Good Student discount...there's also the Steer Clear discount for youthful drivers...

I sell State Farm Insurance.
2013-02-01 15:02:35
What I pay is not listed there, $76
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