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Thread: Fuji header gain without being mapped ?

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2013-01-31 02:31:32
Fuji header gain without being mapped ?
Hi people,i am about to swap out my ebay header for a fuji header,i know it is better and will increase power but how much you reckon i will gain over a ebay jobbie without a remap/tune up ?

My engine is a sr20de roller rocker(highport) My mods are cai,2.5 catback,performance ht leads,lighten flywheel,timing is 15 degree.

Is it likely to move the powerband around a little ect,am i likely to gain power though out the revs ?

Hope to get some replys,thanks.
2013-01-31 02:37:46
We had a VE gain 10whp first pass when swapped from a ssac to a fuji header. After tuning the mid range difference was big also.
2013-01-31 02:46:37
Thats a nice gain without tuning,did you have upgrade cams installed or standard ??
2013-01-31 18:40:32
Anybody else got a fuji fitted,what the verdict on it ?
2013-01-31 22:26:22
There's not a lot of people running the Fuji headers, because they're quite rare. However, they're supposed to be up there with other great headers like the later generations of the HotShot headers, and some of the custom headers.

If you're running N/A VE, the Fuji is one of 2 bolt on, port-matched headers for the VE (the other being one made by Impul, but that one is even more rare).
2013-01-31 22:51:44
From what i have seen before,the fuji header looks very well made and nice product,the welds look amazing.
2013-01-31 23:37:30
It was a bolt on VE with N1 cams and stock intake manifold.
2013-02-01 00:17:05
Yup, the Fuji is old news. I would say for sure the best off the shelf header
2013-02-01 14:58:57
You can get Fuji's all day long for a DE or a VE from RHDJapan.com for ~$750, IIRC.

No one buys them because no one cares to spend that kind of money for a good header.
Last edited by Kyle on 2013-02-01 at 15-01-30.
2013-02-05 16:55:39
Fuji header gain without being mapped ?
P11 did you get the Fuji installed yet?
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