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Thread: HELP! Crankshaft sensor broke off

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2013-01-26 19:13:31
HELP! Crankshaft sensor broke off
So i went to change my crankshaft sensor in 96 200sx SER, the plastic broke so I tried drilling a screw into the center but that just broke out when i pulled. Then i tried heating the hell out of it with a blow torch and it just continues to flake. I see the wires sticking out from the sensor and when i pull on them my grips just slide off. I dont know what to do to get this out?
2013-01-26 19:21:45
crank shaft sensor on trhe tranny ?
2013-01-26 19:30:38
indeed front near the gear oil fill plug
2013-01-26 20:21:54
Im out of ideas and getting real fed up, heres pictures. I just been picking at out with pliers and such. It just keeps flaking but im not getting anywhere
2013-01-26 20:44:44
To be honest, this looks like you're going to have to tap it in to the bellhousing, then get it out from the inside. Like we discussed earlier, you likely have to take the trans off as the flywheel teeth will get in the way. There's just too much gone to really go at it any other way. I don't see this coming out like it should anymore.
2013-01-26 20:56:17
Will the car run ok without the sensor? I mean ive been running it without it. Sure i get a CEL but i dont really tell a difference. Really dont wana drop the trans and I've been at this for a few hours with no progress
2013-01-26 21:02:33
when i first did my swap I forgot to plug it in... Drove it like that for a week perfectly fine.
Get a drill bit, drill into it from small to bigger and eventually you will be able to just cut it out.. A dremel might come in handy as well
2013-01-26 23:02:25
the crank sensor is only for diagnostic purposes. Not having it will change nothing in the daily running of your car. You're perfectly fine without it.
2013-01-26 23:14:09
YEah my only issue was i was thinkin about selling it after i fixed it up, but wont pass inspection with a CEL and will more than likely diminish its value. Its like 28 degree out here so im just gonna wait till its nice out again, maybe spring and have at it with a right angle drill until theres nothing left of it in there. Then clear whats left behind with a dremel. Really dont wana drop the tranny and theres not really many other options unless i pay someone to make it their problem instead lol
2013-01-26 23:26:03
Just be careful, you don't want bits of that sensor bouncing around inside there and interfering with the clutch. Could cause bigger problems down the road. This is the main reason I recommended going at it with the trans off.
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