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Thread: Major power loss

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2013-01-20 17:36:15
Its been a while... Got a snap on ethos on it and when it hits that spot it goes stupid lean at 30-50 mv then when i punch it its at 850 then starts dropping to 700... Flooring it at 3k makes it drop to about 50 then picks up to 700ish then back to 50..
2013-01-20 17:52:48
Maf stays at 3.6 when it leans out, tps at 2.2 when it leans out
2013-01-20 19:00:13
My bone stock full interior b14 went 16.0-16.1 at around 86mph with the same 60ft. Your car should be pulling 15 second time slips and trapping ~90mph. Listen to Ashton and double check everything, probably a timing or fuel related issue.
2013-01-21 01:25:57
Off of the scanner itsshowing that at idle im at 5-7 degrees timing... Is that correct for the ecu to see? When i punch it its around 20 lol
2013-01-21 01:49:56
That is really really low if that is correct. Idle should be around your base timing of 15 deg, when you punch it, the upper rpm's should work its way from about 24-27. Definitely check your mechanical timing and set base timing at 19* or so and you'll be golden.
2013-01-22 21:36:01
So far I think I may have fixed it.. Cleaned the MAF with a toothbrush and MAF cleaner. Completely took out the hesitation and then I checked my timing and aparently it was at 0 or 5... Set it to 17 degrees but feel no difference in power lol (Moved the distributor almost half a inch)
2013-01-31 02:44:48
Maybe timing over advance or even build up of carbon on the ht contacts inside the distributor cap,i had this problem it was due to carbon build up,i would get a massive delay after about 4k to 5k then it would pick up again,i simply clean the contacts with a little file and it made the would of diffrence.
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