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Thread: Calling all ECU experts, '99 harness to a '95-'97 ECU

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2013-01-18 15:14:44
Cool, Thanks guys!

Anyone know where I can source a 18mm to 12mm bung adapter for the 3 wire sensor? Or is there another solution?

You guys think this will work?: http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/18mm-to-12mm-bushing-adapter-for-o2-sensor-port-harley-davidson-bagger-dyna-v-rod-12-and-newer/part/BASS-102P2?utm_source=adwordsfroogle&utm_medium=cse&utm_campaign=adwordsfroogle&utm_content=78209&gclid=CIztuOqZ8rQCFcqY4Aod1A0Atg

LOL Harley parts of all things!
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2013-02-16 15:36:25
Just an update:

The Harley bung adapter ^^^^ has the same thread pitch for both the cat and the 3 wire o2 sensor...screws right in. I have an extra one, if anyone is interested.

I'm still in the process of the conversion, so it will be a little bit before I fire it up. Hopefully no cel will appear.
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2013-02-16 15:41:31
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2013-02-16 15:54:35
Hank, I'll take that extra bung from you since I just bought a 98 SE.
2013-02-17 22:37:24
Got everything done. Fired it up, and took it for a spin. I'm pretty happy with the results. The two hardest things about the conversion was 1. getting the plastic harness cover back on and 2. unplugging the evap plug back by the gas tank....what a bitch. Overall though, a pretty easy swap. One thing for someone else who's going to try this is be prepared to buy a new cat if you haven't had the rear o2 sensor out in the last 5 years. That sucker was seized in there like a mofo. The flanges were rusted pretty bad on the old cat, as well, so I sprung for new one. The other thing is you'll need about 2 ft. of new vac hose to do the line that runs from the back of the mani to under the throttle body. The old one isn't long enough to reach the new location. Other than that, just follow JWT's write up and you should be good.

My only issue now is the rough idle. My guess is the IACV is shot. When I unplug it there's no change in the idle speed. Turning the adjuster screw does next to nothing. Is it a good assumption I need a new one?
2013-02-18 01:25:38
Sounds like what my iac did I took it off and cleaned it and it has been fine ever since . It had some carbon buildup on it.
2013-02-18 12:40:35
Originally Posted by boostednx
Sounds like what my iac did I took it off and cleaned it and it has been fine ever since . It had some carbon buildup on it.

Already tried that. No luck.
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