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Thread: idle issue until warm after I ........

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2013-01-04 03:19:14
idle issue until warm after I ........
Ok let me start from the begining, I purchased a 97 b14 with a jdm motor. It had a few cel's, temp sensor, o2 1&2, knock, egr 1400& 1401, and I got a maf later but ill get to that. The car ran ok but runs better as I fixed the temp sensor, knock, o2#1 #2 port was eliminated from exhaust pipe but harness good. I think I got the maf when I did the reground, it didnt run correct so I set it back and I noticed the orange wire is chaffed and slightly exposed so I got a new pigtail yet to install. The car doesn't run like the maf is bad but I got the code. I got the 68k resistor for the 1400 1401 egr codes as well yet to install.

Let me get to the problem, I had a tb that was bored out from a previous b13 that I installed on my car only to find out my miltimeter was shot. Evetually I got a new one and adjusted the tps to exactly .40 closed and 4.1 wot. Only thing is now my idle is at 1250-1400 rpms warm, and 2300 cold for a couple mins then it loupes up and down until temp needle is centered and it gradually slows until it evens out.

My question is with change in tb diameter do this? Or I see the tps getting set at .45-.55 closed alot can that be it? I took the aicv off and cleaned it with carb cleaner. Didn't do the air regulator as its either open or closed stuck, it doesn't fluctuate. The car was fine until I changed it but my theory is I need to get the base idle adjusted due to the increase tb diameter and/or get the ecu to relearn the tps. I cant get it into timing mode to adjust the idle screw for the bads idle as the rpm is always above 1000.

I wonder has anyone has had any experience with this symptom?
2013-01-04 15:33:42
I wonder do I have to put to timing mode to adjust the idle screw or just disconnect the tps? And should I bump the tps closed v to .45-.55 instead of .4 exact? Not looking for exact answers just a heads up where I should be focusing on. Btw @ 1250rpm the vac is 20.5, not sure about the vac values.
2013-01-05 23:53:53
Ok so it seems I got it. I ended up changing the tps as it wouldnt go above .41 closed I adjusted the other to .48. I cleaned the grounds and cleaned and regrounded the maf. The car doesn't loupe up and down when cold anymore and the idle is better and the rpm band is smoother. The high idle was still there so I did a lil searching and noticed I didnt check the tb adjustment screw, seem as if the tb was open slightly so I adjusted it till I got to 850-900.

I noticed I had a cranksensor cel from my flywheel, I checked the receipt and its a 109 tooth, will it damage anything? I also put the 68k resistor in the egr pigtail and reset the cel. I want to see if the maf and egr cel returns.
2013-01-06 03:31:36
The flywheel wont damage anything, itll just throw a cel for it.
2013-01-06 20:41:15
Ok took her for a ride this morning and all is well, shes performing great! Ran the cel and I only got the 1400 the resistor took out the 1401, is there another egr connector? Besides that just the cranksensor from the flywheel and the rear o2. The maf is gone aswell and I had a 0505 thats gone or hasent shown up yet.
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