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Thread: what to do .

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2012-12-18 07:25:22
Last time I went to the dealer with my b13 for them to duplicate a Key I was told they was not able to do it from the vin the car is too old......but This has happened to me before in a mall parking lot. The with the two pieces the lock smith was able to cut a new key for me with in 10 minutes....the guy was sick with it.....
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2012-12-18 15:59:00
Well when I had it done was with my old B13. That was about a year ago so take this info for what its worth.
2012-12-18 16:20:21
what to do .
If you have both parts just take the key to locksmith they can cut by code however it could get stuck so use it in the door first. I had to do this on mine bc the teeth were ground down so bad the key could be removed from the ignition with it running. They charged me $15 for 2 keys iirc. The code they use is a unique numbering system for the peaks and valleys any good locksmith can fo this
2012-12-18 17:00:58
find someone else with a b13 and use their key. More than likely it will work. Just the way these cars are. My key opened and started every one of my friends b13's, b14, s13's, and a couple s14's. Same went with their keys working on my car.

Just find someone else with one, if it works then have a new key cut from theirs and then make sure it works. Done this several times when my buddy broke his key. He now has a copy of my key.
2012-12-18 17:02:49
Lmbo, dealership won't make b13 / b14 keys from vin, sorry man. I've lost my keys plenty to know.

locksmith, goodluck.
2012-12-20 19:52:05
I've had a mobile locksmith come out and do it for $100 before.
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