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Thread: Code 13 On My 93 B13 SER

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2012-12-15 17:45:42
Code 13 On My 93 B13 SER
not sure what the code is for . been searching for a code list but i havent found one yet . if anyone can please help me with the list n problem very much appreciated .

thank you
2012-12-15 17:57:40
HOW TO: Read Nissan CEL codes - SR20 Forum

13 Cylinder head temperature sensor(Maxima and 300ZX models); all others coolant temperature sensor circuit
2012-12-15 17:58:27
Originally Posted by Nyc
First off it is a good idea to check your ecu every once in a while to see if they are any stored cels that may have not triggered a Check engine light

11 Crank angle sensor/circuit (1988 to 1990); Crankshaft position sensor (1991 to 1996)
12 Air flow Meter/circuit open or shorted
13 Cylinder head temperature sensor(Maxima and 300ZX models); all others coolant temperature sensor circuit
14 Vehicle Speed Sensor signal circuit is open
15 Mixture ratio is too lean despite feedback control; fuel injector clogged
21 Ignition signal in the primary circuit is not being entered to the ECU during cranking or tuning
22 Fuel pump circuit (Maxima and 1987 and later 300ZX models); all others idle speed control valve or circuit
23 Idle switch (throttle valve switch) signal circuit open
24 Park/netural switch malfunctioning
25 Idle speed control valve circuit is open or shorted
26 Turbo boost
28 Cooling fan
29 Fuel system rich
31 1984 through 1986 EFI models; Problem in air conditioning system; all other models: ECU internal problem
32 1984 through 1986 EFI models; check starter system. All other models: EGR malfuntion (California models)
33 Oxygen sensor or circuit (300ZX left side) - all other models EGR malfunction
34 Detonation (Knock) sensor
35 Exhaust gas temperature sensor (California models)
36 EGR transducer
37 Closed loop control/front oxygen sensor (Maxima)
41 Maxima and 1984 through 1987 300ZX models; fuel temp sensor circuit. All other models: air temperature sensor circuit
42 1988 and later 300ZX models; fuel temperature sensor circuit; all other models: throttle sensor circuit
43 The mixture ratio is too lean despite feedback control; fuel injector clogged (1987 Sentra only): All others; Throttle position sensor circuit is open or shorted
44 No trouble codes stored in ECU
45 Injector fuel leak (California models only)
51 Fuel injector circuit open (California models only)
53 Oxygen sensor (300ZX right side)
54 Short between automatic transmission control unit(TCU) and ECU
55 Normal engine management system operation is indicated
63 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 6
64 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 5
65 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 4
66 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 3
67 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 2
68 Misfire detected - cylinder no. 1
71 Misfire detected - random
72 Catalytic converter malfunction (right side)
74 EVAP pressure sensor
75 EVAP leak
76 Fuel injection system
77 Rear oxygen sensor
81 Vacuum cut bypass valve
82 Crankshaft sensor
84 Automatic trans-to-fuel injection communication
85 VTC solenoid
87 EVAP canister purge control
91 Front oxygen sensor
95 Crankshaft sensor
98 Coolant temperature sensor
101 Camshaft sensor
103 Park/neutral switch
105 EGR and canister control valve
108 EVAP volume control
0505 No self diagnostic codes present
0101 Camshaft position sensor
0102 Mass airflow sensor/circuit
0103 Coolant temperature sensor
0104 Vehicle speed sensor

EVAP purge flow monitoring system
0114 Fuel system rich
0115 Fuel system lean
0201 Ignition signal
0203 Closed throttle switch
0205 IACV/AAC valve
0208 Overheating
0213 EVAP system
0214 Purge volume control valve
0301 ECM control unit
0302 EGR function

Front heated oxygen sensor malfunction
0304 Knock sensor
0305 Exhaust gas temperature sensor
0306 EGRC BPT valve
0307 Closed loop operation
0309 Vent control valve
0311 Vacuum cut valve bypass valve
0312 EVAP system purge control valve
0401 Intake air temperature sensor
0402 Fuel temperature sensor or circuit
0403 Throttle position sensor
0409 Front oxygen sensor
0410 Front oxygen sensor
0411 Front oxygen sensor
0412 Front oxygen sensor
0503 Front oxygen sensor
0510 Rear oxygen sensor
0511 Rear oxygen sensor
0512 Rear oxygen sensor
0514 EGR system
0605 Cylinder 4 misfire
0606 Cylinder 3 misfire
0607 Cylinder 2 misfire
0608 Cylinder 1 misfire
0701 Multiple cylinder misfire
0702 Catalytic converter
0704 EVAP system
0705 EVAP system
0706 Fuel injection system malfunction
0707 Rear oxygen sensor
0801 Vacuum cut valve bypass valve or circuit
0802 Crankshaft sensor
0803 Absolute pressure sensor
0804 A/T diagnosis comm line
0807 EVAP canister purge control
0901 Front oxygen sensor heater
0902 Rear oxygen sensor heater
0903 Vent control valve
0905 Crankshaft position sensor
0908 Coolant temperature sensor
1003 Park/neutral switch
1005 EGR solenoid valve circuit
1008 EVAP system
1101 Inhibitor switch
1102 A/T vehicle speed sensor
1103 A/T first signal
1104 A/T second signal
1105 A/T third signal
1106 A/T fourth signal
1107 A/T torque converter clutch
1108 Shift solenoid A
1201 Shift solenoid B
1203 Overrun clutch solenoid
1204 TCC solenoid
1205 Line pressure solenoid
1206 TPS for A/T
1207 Speed signal A/T
1208 A/T fluid temperature sensor
1302 MAP/BAR switch solenoid valve or circuit
1305 Fuel pump control module or circuit
1308 Cooling fan

this list was taken from PHATG20.net

Entire list
2012-12-16 08:29:55
Is that list for OBDII?
2012-12-16 08:54:46
No. Here's OBDII - (Source http://www.troublecodes.net/Nissan/95ams96-00.shtml)
95–99 SENTRA & 200SX w/SR20DE

P0100 MAF Sensor

P0105 Absolute Pressure Sensor

P0110 IAT Sensor

P0115 ECT Sensor

P0120 TP Sensor

P0125 ECT Sensor

P0130 Front HO2S

P0131 Front HO2S Lean Shift Monitoring

P0132 Front HO2S Rich Shift Monitoring

P0133 Front HO2S Response Monitoring

P0134 Front HO2S High Voltage

P0135 Front HO2S Heater

P0136 Rear HO2S

P0137 Rear HO2S Min. Voltage Monitoring

P0138 Rear HO2S Max. Voltage Monitoring

P0139 Rear HO2S Response Monitoring

P0140 Rear HO2S High Voltage

P0141 Rear HO2S Heater

P0170 Fuel Injection System Function

P0171 Fuel Injection System Lean

P0172 Fuel Injection System Rich

P0180 Tank Fuel Temperature Sensor

P0300 Multiple Cylinder Misfire

P0301–P0304 Misfire Cylinders 1–4

P0325 Knock Sensor

P0335 CKP Sensor

P0340 CMP Sensor, Detectable & Non-Detectable Circuits

P0400 EGR Function (Close)

P0402 EGRC-BPT Valve

P0420 TWC Function

P0440 EVAP Control System Small Leak

P0443 EVAP System Canister Purge Control Valve

P0446 EVAP Canister Vent Control Valve

P0450 EVAP Control System Pressure Sensor

P0500 VSS

P0505 Idle Air Control Valve–Auxiliary Air Control Valve

P0510 Closed Throttle Position Switch

P0605 ECM

P0705 PNP/Inhibitor Switch

P0710 Transaxle Fluid Temperature Sensor

P0720 VSS

P0725 Engine Speed Signal

P0731 A/T 1st Signal

P0732 A/T 2nd Signal

P0733 A/T 3rd Signal

P0734 A/T 4th Signal Or TCC

P0740 TCC Solenoid Valve

P0744 A/T TCC S/V Function

P0745 Line Pressure Solenoid Valve

P0750 Shift Solenoid Valve ‘‘A’’

P0755 Shift Solenoid Valve ‘‘B’’

P1105 MAP/BARO Switch Solenoid Valve

P1110 Intake Valve Timing Control

P1148 Closed Loop Control

P1220 Fuel Pump Control Module Circuit

P1320 Ignition Signal

P1336 CKP Sensor

P1400 EGR Valve & Canister Control Solenoid Valve

P1401 EGR Temperature Sensor

P1402 EGR System Function (Open)

P1440 EVAP Small Leak

P1441 Vacuum Cut Valve Bypass Valve

P1444 EVAP Purge Volume Control Valve

P1445 EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Valve

P1446 EVAP Canister Vent Control Valve (Close)

P1447 EVAP Control System Purge Flow Monitoring

P1448 EVAP Vent Control Valve (Open)

P1490 Vacuum Cut Valve Bypass Valve Circuit

P1491 Vacuum Cut Valve Bypass Vale

P1492 EVAP Canister Purge Control Valve/Solenoid Valve Circuit

P1493 EVAP Canister Purge Control Valve/Solenoid Valve

P1550 TCC Solenoid Valve

P1605 A/T Diagnosis Communication Line

P1705 TP Sensor

P1706 Park/Neutral Position Switch

P1760 Overrun Clutch Solenoid Valve

P1900 Cooling Fan

Last edited by Sentraga on 2012-12-16 at 09-00-12.
2012-12-16 13:22:54
Is your car also hesitating or running differently than it should? That would be symptomatic of the coolant temp sensor issue that you are getting the code for.
2012-12-23 17:07:41
thank you for the info
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