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Thread: Rubber caulk inside valve cover

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2012-12-14 16:59:03
Rubber caulk inside valve cover
Dumb question, but just picked up a nice freshly powdercoated valve cover. When I looked at the inside of it I notice rubber caulk around the baffels and so on, and some of it's a little loose. Told this is left over from the factory, but wondering how this junk never comes off and gets in our engines?
2012-12-14 17:02:14
Hmmm...loose caulk eh?
2012-12-14 17:07:06
Just thin lines of brown caulk around the baffles, and the push in things holding the baffels in place. Under the word valve on the other side is some sort of plug in thing caulked onto the valve cover also. Anyone post a pic of the inside of a SR20DE valve cover?
2012-12-14 17:08:34
New to Nissan, first time I ever saw the inside of one of these
2012-12-14 17:36:29
Yeah thats all of the sealant and rivets that hold and seal the baffel. Never had an issue with it falling apart.
2012-12-14 17:42:03
Hurt anything if I rub off the few loose spots, or would I need to reseal?
2012-12-14 17:51:26
Originally Posted by 93SE-R
Hurt anything if I rub off the few loose spots, or would I need to reseal?

If it's about to come off i would take it off, wouldnt worry to much about resealing though.
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