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Thread: is this a good exhaust set up???

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2012-12-15 04:07:21
Originally Posted by Kleensleeper
Originally Posted by Krahn48
what is the best sizing of of pipe to run on a stock sr20? i dont wanna be losing power.. :/

2.5 inch would be fine for just a stock setup.
Agreed. 3" would be loud as hell.
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2012-12-15 05:39:44
Where do you find a 3 inch outlet header?
2012-12-15 07:12:04
I expect going uphill when I say this but you will have to take a look at the respiration of the engine.

First, going for a header is a good choice price performance wise.

About the noise, I know a WAI with a header and in my case Sebring muffler gives the 'required' amount of sound.

However, if you touch the exhaust, you want to touch the intake too, of course I assume you already did so.

The point I try to make is that there are many ways of intake and I mean before the TB.

For the exhaust, the closer to the engine, the more important. 2.5" is the preferable size N/A though.

However, going 2.5" cat back, or how u say, everything 2.5" will tend to blow out unused fuel, equivalent to loss of power.

This on a stock engine. I don't have the cams yet, I feel I still don't need those.

This I read by the 1/8 times posted on this forum and what I get from Datascan 0 -60mph. I know it is a no fair comparison, for example, response time, I don't have with Datascan and I see up to 0.8s response time on a track day (i visit, my car and I stil have to attend, which is planned )

All in all I want to say, exhaust gasses that are hot require more room. I have used 250 degrees celcius sealant on the header and downpipe, that holds better then 'firegum' or 'exhaust cement'. I am not aware of the American equivalent of this stuff, but it becomes brittle and will rattle out between the header and downpipe, though I have not experienced but expect that possibly I'll lose my sealant too. Not racing it enough maybe.

But then, up to the cat, 2.5" for sure.

The part after this seems less important, the fumes take less space and I can tell you, with a gutted cat, the neighbours notice 'the extra' sound, which I still find within acceptable range for street use. However, I do not stomp the gas in populated areas.

So, for catback, there is this resonator, I feel doesn't do much or the least, I do not understand what it does.

I feel and want to say, find your header and downpipe and go from there.

Also, don't forget that when putting on larger exhaust, there is still the intake, which I wrote about, then spark and fuel, proper fuel delivery, fuel pressure, even battery quality and grounding and most of all, tune and quality of lambda and mass air flow.

From there, what is my experience, I started to look at rotating mass, car weight and handling of teh car.

Friend of mine claims 190HP with a mapped computer, I still have to see for myself, not sure if cams are there and if so which but next to the upgrades, it has to be made clockwork to reach such performance.

Hoping to proof my saying on the 1/8 someday with a receit (or it is going to be a long day :P)
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